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Dreams about prison or being imprisoned can mean that you’re feeling trapped or isolated, especially if your dream sees you within the prison yourself.

You might be feeling that you’re not free to make decisions or choose your own path, and perhaps that you’re not strong enough to break free of the restrictions that limit you.

Dream meaning of being in prison

Dreaming about imprisoning someone else

If your dream sees you on the outside of the prison cell, and someone else on the inside, this might mean that you’re craving justice or revenge if you feel you’ve been wronged in any way. If you know that you may not see this justice carried out in the real world, this could be your mind satisfying itself with the imagined desired outcome. Apple.

Dreaming about breaking someone out of jail

If in your dream you are trying to break someone out of jail, it may suggest that you feel distanced from someone close to you, and that you’re trying to bring them closer by taking away the ‘bars’ between you.

Dreaming about breaking yourself out of prison

Your dream may see you successfully break out of prison, and this can mean either, you’ve been watching too much prison break, or you finally feel you can break free from any previous limitations or boundaries. These can be emotional or physical boundaries, but this can mean you’ve found a newfound freedom in your life.