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If ice makes an appearance in your dreams, it could mean that you’re feeling emotionally cold or distant, reluctant to accept or embrace certain feelings.

You could be feeling that you want to put up boundaries to emotionally distance yourself from a confrontation that might leave you vulnerable.

With the association to ‘icy hearts’, you might just be subconsciously feeling that you need to take a step back from emotional involvement, and protect your feelings from harm.

Dream meaning of an ice wall

Ice is also symbolic of extreme situations, so a dream about ice could mean that you’re feeling at risk. If something important or upsetting is going on in your life, dreaming of ice might mean you’re feeling somewhat isolated and helpless.

Dreaming of an ice wall

If your dream featured an ice wall, much like the towering wall of the North in Game of Thrones, it may suggest that an upcoming event, or decision, or turning point in your life is approaching, and that you’re feeling somewhat daunted about the looming prospect of it.

If though, in the dream, you welcome and are grateful for the wall, it might be more that you’re putting up barriers and boundaries willingly. Boundaries between you and unwanted or unknown outcomes of the future can create a feeling of relief and relaxation, even if only in a dream.

Dreaming of broken or breaking ice

To dream of broken ice or breaking ice can be an indicator that you’re ready to accept and embrace new emotions, or a new chapter of your life. Before ice is broken it can represent risk, boundaries and emotional distance, so if your subconscious mind has shattered ice, you might find that your mind is telling you that you’re ready for whatever life may throw at you.

Dreaming of icy temperatures

Dreams have been thought to be our mind’s way of telling us when something is wrong with our body, so if your dreams feature icy temperatures, it may be a warning from your mind about your physical health.

It could be anything from an oncoming cold, to simply that the temperature in your bedroom is too cold for comfort.