Getting Fired


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Marching into your bosses office with all the confidence, you stand right at his desk, hands on your hips, and you open your mouth. Then you wake up.

A dream about quitting your job is the result of being tired or giving up on some aspect of your life that you no longer have any interest in. Let’s find out what else quitting a job means.

What Dreams Mean When You Quit Your Job?

You have a desire for change. Whether it’s work, friends, or a personal reason, you want to cleanse yourself to gain new opportunities and a new meaning about life. Take yourself away from the world to enjoy an adventure. Decisions are a grueling process but they help release you from annoying pressures.

Did You Have a Dream Where You Were Threatened to Get Fired?

You’re so done with a number of problems that aren’t any of your concern. Whether we enjoy what we do, having a dream where we’re threatened to get fired is one of your worst fears. Just worry about yourself at work. Other employees or your boss’s problems are none of your concerns.

Dreams Where You Get Fired

Do you wake up in a sweat after your boss told you, ‘You’re fired’? Although you’re worried about your place at work, dreaming about getting fired is also a sign that you feel controlled by not only your boss but the people around you. Change is scary which is why you fear to quit your job.

Dreams of Yourself as the Boss

Dreaming of yourself as the boss and having the duty to fire someone highlights your repressed leadership and self-doubt. You feel insecure interacting with your fellow coworkers or even your boss in the office.

Quitting Your Job in a Dream

Have you had enough? Quitting your job in a dream means that you wish for change. Don’t keep doing the same job your whole life. Live your life, take an adventure, and explore relationships. We all experiment in our careers.

Dreaming About Forced Dismissal from Work

Dreaming about a forced dismissal from work means a surprise or a gift in the near future. It also predicts the waste of money or an important task. Getting a dismissal notice in a dream is the result of receiving lies or unfaithful co-workers. Decisions are difficult.

Dreaming of Pressure from Colleagues

Dreaming about writing a resignation notice due to one of your colleagues or your boss giving you a hard time means that you need to solve the problem. It’s one of those issues that is easy to solve in the blink of an eye.

Dreams About Deciding to Quit a Job

You want the attention your boss gives to other employees and not you. You just want the attention and respect that you deserve equal to your work peers. As we become adults, our decision making is on us. Decisions are tough but in the end, it’s all about what will improve our life.

What Does it Mean When My Co-Worker is Fired?

Having to witness a coworker get fired is not fired. Seeing your co-worker fired in a dream means how lonely you feel in your daily life. Although a co-worker is someone who we see around the office, reach out to them and have a conversation. Everyone needs a friend at work.

Wishing to Quit a Job in a Dream

Change is either scary or one of the happiest decisions you could ever make. Except, don’t rush into a change. Adjust slowly and think about what you are going to do. If you are going to quit your job at least have a backup plan at the ready.

Dreams Where You Quit the Army

The dream is even stranger if you are not in the army. A dream where you quit the army means that you’re seeking new adventures. Go on a journey to find yourself. Sometimes we have to get away from the working world to enjoy our lives.

Letter of Regulation Dream Interpretation

Work enemies are never easy. If you take control to exploit this certain person in the office then the dream is a sign that you will experience a cleaner life in the future.

What if I Dreamed that a Relative or a Friend Quit a Job?

Surprisingly, a dream where a relative/colleague/friend quits a job interprets to the waste of money. You will have significant growth in your career. As for a relative quitting a job more time with the family is right around the corner. Make plans to catch up with family members.

Dismissing Someone Else From Work in a Dream

While you’re doing something negative to said person, the dreams interpret that you will make a connection with the person in passing. Another interpretation is that you have a new job offer or a partnership.

Dream Interpretation for Departing a Job

If you resign from the job too soon you’re going to end up with great disappointment in your life. You won’t end up with the satisfying goals you had set out for. Give the job more time before you leave too soon.

Leaving Work Early in a Dream

Dismissing yourself early from work is a sign that you are willing to make a sacrifice. You have made a bold decision which means that you have the power to take control and be a leader.

Making Someone Leave Work in a Dream

Although you’re telling this person in the dream to leave work the dream is a result of a new friendship around the corner. There’s a chance you may end up connecting with this person in the near future. Or the dream also means to look for a better job offer.

What Does it Mean to Dream About my Old Job?

Having a dream where you’re working back at the job you just quit? What a nightmare! Let go of the past! You have moved on to new and better things in life.