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Fish was associated with deities in ancient cultures. For instance, fish were eaten to honour the great goddess Freya among the Scandinavians. Among the Chinese, Kwan Yin, the goddess of compassion and mercy was, often depicted as a fish.

Therefore dreams involving fish point to a generally positive outlook. You should be hopeful of greater things to come. But this is not always the case. The dream could also spell unpleasant future occurrences.

To tell if your dream is for the worse or not, it is important to take into account all the details. That may sound like a lot but here are the main things you can have a look at:-

  • What you were doing to the fish
  • What the fish was doing
  • Where the fish was
  • The colour of the fish

And of course, is the fish alive or dead?

A dead fish in a dream signifies bleak future times. It means things might not turn out as you’d expect them to, leading to disappointment. Additionally, it could also mean a loss of some kind – for example in terms of business.

It’s not all about doom, though. A dead fish can also signify new growth opportunities since the old redundant ways are no more.

That said; find out more about the dream meaning of fish right below.

What you were doing to the fish


In general, dreaming about catching fish is an indication of future triumphs in your endeavours.  But for a closer enough meaning, you must look into details like where you caught the fish, how you caught it and the size of your catch.

  • Where you caught the fish – catching fish at the river bank is an indication of impending problematic relations with others. If the water in which you caught the fish was dirty/muddy, be ready for challenges in your business path. Catching fish on clear water foretells the achievement of your goals.
  • How you caught the fish – catching a fish in a dream by your hands points to a bright future. Success is coming your way. For conventional fishing, it means you have started to deal with your suppressed feelings; you are strong and temptations are something you can fight.
  • The size of your catch – often, the bigger your catch the happier you will be. A big fish caught in a dream represents more luck in your undertakings.


Cleaning fish in your dream means you will have good times sometime into the future.

This dream could also mean that you haven’t been yourself lately. You have tailored your conduct to suit the expectations of other people.


Eating fish in your dreams can depict several things.

For one, it signifies good fortune. You are healthy and generally happy with your life. Secondly, it could paint a grim situation as far as finding love is concerned – generally unlucky.


Relatives take centre stage in dreams about buying fish.

On one side it means you might inherit a relative’s possessions. Also, it might be a prediction of you looking out for your family members in the coming days – if the fish you are buying is at a fish market.


Killing a fish in your dream is a positive sign. It signifies triumph over your competitors, hence, success.

What the fish was doing

Swimming in clear water

This is an indication of the smooth run you will have; whether in business or work life. Expect instances of success like profit soon.

But that will hold only if the fish are swimming near the surface.

For fish that are at the very bottom, it is a sure sign of obstacles in your path. 

Attacking you

Usually, by a large fish, it points to your emotional state. You aren’t facing some of your emotions head-on, choosing to – instead – avoid or repress them. You have let them run amok.

Talking fish

Did you see a fish talk to you in your dream? Bad sign.

It means strained interpersonal relations and a general difficulty in communicating with others.

A fish trying to take a bite of you

A fish trying to eat you in a dream is indicative of malice by people more powerful than you. These people could be using their power to bring harm to you or pit you against unfavourable situations.

Flying fish

A dream with flying fish should make you happy since this is usually a good sign. You might have a few snags in the future but you will overcome them and become successful.

Where the fish was

Muddy fish pond

Fish swimming around in a muddy pond is a sign of doom to your health. It foretells of sickness that is soon to befall you.

Empty fish pond

A pond devoid of fish is a warning to you about your enemies. It means they are keeping tabs of all your movements waiting for you to slip.

Fish market

A dream in which you are at a fish market is a sign of future success. You can realise whatever it is you wish to achieve all thanks to your abilities.

Of course, this leads to a happier life.

A clear fish pond full of fish

Another good sign of good days ahead.

A clear pond stack full of fish symbolises a future financial breakthrough. And as indicated above, happiness is only natural in this case.

The colour of the fish

Common colours of fish in dreams are:-

  1. Black – represents your quest to find a path that makes you happy. It could also mean you are having a hard time in your life.
  2. Dark green – most probably you are self-centred
  3. Blue – you are having generally optimistic thoughts
  4. White – it means you might just get lucky in matters of love. Keep an eye out for that sweet adoration message.
  5. Red – you are having vile thoughts about those around you, just evil.

Wrapping up

As you’ve seen, fish in dreams have varied significance.

For a general case, they are a sign of good things to come. But for more specificity, looking at all the details is what will help you unravel the mystery. The above are some common considerations to take into account.