Fire Or Flames


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If you’re having dreams of fire, you might be feeling particularly passionate, maybe there’s a new love in your life, or even just a project you’re particularly excited about. Any strong emotions can cause you to dream of fire, The passion of your thoughts igniting a flame in your dreams.

Like a lightbulb, fire is another symbol that could stand for enlightenment.

Perhaps you’ve realised something important in your life, or if an idea is hot on your mind you might find that showing up in your dreams in the form of fire.

What it means to dream about flames

If you’re on fire

If your dream (or maybe it would be more of a nightmare in this case) sees you on fire, there could be a darker meaning to it. Fire is often a symbol of rejuvenation, seeing yourself on fire could be your mind telling you it wants to forget any regrets you might have, revert back to a worry free mindset by burning down anxieties.

It may also be a sign of a sense of self loathing, maybe you’ve done something you’re not proud of. This might also be the case if you see someone you know on fire, have they upset you? You might have found yourself more resentful than you let on, but our emotions have no restrictions in the dream world.

You might never set light to yourself or anyone else in real life, but your mind may be taking it its anger whilst you sleep, where emotions and impulsive reactions are more dominant than morals and rationality.

If you’re burning something down

You might see yourself burning something down in a dream, a building or some possessions, whatever it is, this could be your unconscious mind telling you that you need a fresh start. If someone important in your life has recently left it might be that you need a new start with your own place, and your own belongings. A sign that your ready to move on.

A fireplace fire

If the fire featured in your dream is one that comforts you, in a fireplace or campfire, this is usually a sign that you’re content, satisfied or happy with life. You feel comfortable with your home situation, and with your friendships. You’re stable and safe, warm and comfortable.