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Whether you’re religious or not, church is something that appear in your dreams.

Seeing a church

Seeing a church could be almost a symbol of paranoia, the figure behind church being God, and God being all seeing. If there’s something you’re hiding you might see a church looming eerily in your dreams, a reminder that God sees you. Even if you’re not religious, and have no belief in God, a church might still symbolise that you feel you’re always being watched.

It could also be a reminder of a time, particularly if the part of the church that stands out in your dreams is the clock tower. Clock towers reside above us, a reminder that time is unattainable, and that time is ever passing. This might be the meaning of your dreams if you’re approaching any deadlines, or even just getting older. The clock tower symbolising your passing time, and if you’re religious, the church perhaps welcoming you closer, into the church and into the arms of God (Heaven).

Being in a church

To dream of being in a church could show that you’re looking for safety and security, not just in the form of shelter, but spiritually. Church is a place where the outside world may not matter, and where every other aspect of life may not seem as significant. Money troubles may disappear, there are no clocks inside churches usually, it’s a whole other world where even time doesn’t seem to be an issue. Churches are thought to be the closest to God that you’ll get in your living days.

It might also be a place you’re dreaming of if you feel like you’re the subject of negative feelings, especially if you’ve done something wrong. With God supposedly loving everyone, even the ‘sinners’, his house (church) is somewhere you may find an escape from those who lack forgiveness, or somewhere you can ask for it. Perhaps you want to confess something, to someone who cant issue any consequences.