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Dreaming of cheating is probably something you might not want to admit to, especially if you have a significant other half.

If you enjoy the dream affair

This might mean that you’re unhappy in your relationship, getting bored or losing attraction in real life. Sometimes it’s hard to admit when a relationship has reached the end of its run, especially if your lives are entwined, but your subconscious mind wont hold back it’s true feelings and desires.

It could also mean you’re just craving change, things often reach a point of monotony in relationships, you could just be using your dreams to add some variation to the nights in between days that are much the same. It might not be a projected issue with your relationship, but a sign that maybe you need to mix things up.

Another interpretation is that you desire the power to have a choice, the knowledge that you could if you wanted to. If you haven’t had a lot of attention lately when you hit the town, it might just be your dreams reassuring that you’ve still got it. This could even be the case if you don’t have a relationship in real life, dreaming that you do in a dream, and then dreaming that you cheat on that partner is perhaps wishful thinking, positioning yourself as a desirable character to multiple people.

If you don’t enjoy the dream affair

Rarely do we have sex dreams that we don’t enjoy, but if they depict us being unfaithful, when we know full-well that we already have someone we love and wouldn’t want to cheat on, we might not enjoy the situation. This is a sign, a reminder if you like, from your mind that what you have isn’t worth risking.

The dream might provoke the same feelings you’d have were you to cheat in real life, and you’d wake up realising how much it’s something you wouldn’t want to do, maybe you’d feel more grateful for your relationship as a result.