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We all need a holiday every now and then, and dreaming of an airplane is usually a sign that you just want to get away for a while. This might suggest you’re finding life or work particularly stressful, or simply that you need a distraction. After all holidays are technically just breaks or distractions from everyday life.

If in your dream you get the sense that you won’t be getting a return flight, it could be that what you’re really desiring is slightly more than a holiday, and in fact a whole new change of scenery.

Dreaming of the feeling of taking off

Dreaming of taking off can mean you’re looking forward to starting a new adventure, see new places or meet new people. You might see yourself as going up in the world as you literally head above the clouds.

Dreaming of landing

To dream of landing can be your mind processing the end of an era, maybe a relationship or a job you had recently ended. The end of a flight symbolising something in your life coming to a close.

It could also be your unconscious desire for grounded security. Adventure is nice but sometimes all you really want is to be back home, back with the familiar. Dreaming of landing planes can be a sign that maybe you need some stability back in your life.