Debunking ‘The Dark World of New Age Gurus’ (James Janis Video)


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There’s a video out there called the ‘dark world of new age gurus’. And I think the channel was like James Jani, or something like that.


This video is completely wrong in many, in many different respects, but I’m going to just go through them kind of one by one, and debunk the video.

I guess you could say now, if you haven’t seen the video obviously this won’t make much sense to you. So if you haven’t seen the video go and check it out below:

And here’s my response:

But the chances are you have seen it, because this is a pretty big channel and, you know, it’s, it was, I think it was published in March of 2021. And he goes on to talk about various new age gurus and specifically the idea of new thought, which I assume he means is like new age.

Now, before we start this, this is not intended to, you know, offend this particular guy, I’m sure he’s a lovely guy, nothing against the guy. It’s just, the things mentioned in the video.

I’d like to offer my perspective, because I think there’s a dangerous kind of precedent that is being set by some YouTubers, against the ideas and concepts that are starting to come to light.


The idea that we create our own reality and that our thoughts, our conscious thoughts and attention have an impact on physical, tangible reality.

This is not science fiction anymore.

And I really want to make this clear before we begin.

This has been proven many times, and the whole notion of like quantum mechanics and many other different respects have, have proven this and demonstrated at time and time.

Again, this is not some kind of fairy tale make belief in order to sell some kind of dream of product. Yes, people use it for that… And then I’ll get into that in a second, but that doesn’t mean the concept isn’t real.

And this is very important because a lot of these debunking videos, they kind of suggest that that idea is not true and that you can’t affect your reality with your thoughts, which is just fundamentally wrong. In many ways you can and do affect your reality with your thoughts.

And in fact, you’ve been doing it your whole life.

It’s kind of, it’s a bit mind blowing to imagine otherwise.

What James Jani Got Wrong

In no particular order, I’d like to go through what I think he got wrong in the video.

Again, this is just my personal opinion.

No offence intended.

1: Making Money From Your Passion Isn’t Wrong

So the video starts by talking about how ‘the new age gurus’, I guess, make money from selling you, the idea that your thoughts create things, your thoughts conscious attention can manifest and into things and either attract things you want or give you less of what you don’t want.

And he suggests in this video that that’s a ridiculous idea.

That’s not the case.

I mean, you can, and you can demonstrate this yourself:

If you just go 30 days and intend to only think positive thoughts, only focus on what you want and not think about what you don’t want. Just your subjective reality will confirm that that is, that is the case that that happens for you.

And this is such an easy thing to demonstrate. Anyone can do this.

And it’s very hard to argue against that the law of attraction and manifestation, you can call it what you like with a fundamental concept that you can create and, you know, draw certain experiences and things to you through your conscious thoughts is completely undisputed.

How else does anything happen?

You know at a fundamental, basic level, right?

Let’s say you decide to go to the gym.

Okay. So obviously you could say, well, I walk to the gym, so my walking made it happen. No, because before you, just, before you walked to the gym, you must have had the thought I’m going to go to the gym.

Then from the thought comes, the intention I intend to go now from the intention comes the action, the walking, and then from the walking comes, the result you arriving at the gym. This is like such a fundamental concept to suggest that this isn’t the case is just absolutely hilarious to me, because we all experience this, every day of our lives.

Now, where it gets a bit more debatable is how much of an impact your thoughts have on stuff outside of your control, because you might say, well, you know, obviously we can decide to walk to the gym, but we can’t use our thoughts to then manifest money coming towards us or, you know, our perfect partner or dream job or whatever it is.

And yes, you’re right.

That’s where things get a bit more debatable because the chain of events that happen takes a bit longer, not a lot longer, but it takes time, you know, obviously. So, so we first go back to the basics, which is that our thoughts carry electromagnetic energy.

This has been demonstrated many times.

It’s been studied, scanned, analyzed, you know, we even use this in most modern medicine medicine today, where we scan people’s brain waves and you can see an electromagnetic analysis of the brainwaves.

When you think certain thoughts, a certain electrical circuit gets activated in the brain.

That’s the consensus at the moment.

It’s where you mix into things like quantum entanglement and specifically quantum mechanics. It shows that particles that seem to be separate or not separate at all, in fact, there is no separation.

The idea that anything is separate from anything else is a complete fiction.

It doesn’t exist. It can’t be proved.

It’s never been proved.

All Particles Are Connected At The Quantum Level

And if you zoom in far enough at the quantum level, all particles are connected.

There is no separation between anything…

So taking that one step further, it seems pretty believable, pretty likely that your thoughts, we know their electromagnetic energy, they a measurable electronic electromagnetic effects.

And we know that other particles are kind of connected in many ways. Quantum entanglement shows us that two particles can be connected, regardless of distance. And if you do something to one particle, it affects the other particle and vice versa.

This happens regardless of how far away they are using that as like the basis, the foundation, it seems pretty likely and obvious that your thoughts, your intention can affect other things.

Particles, people experiences reality, but this is not just some kind of science fiction idea.

This has been known for thousands of years, and this is another point I want to get onto about the, the video, the dark, the dark world of new age gurus.

2: Specific PEOPLE Making Mistakes Doesn’t Make The CONCEPTS Wrong

At a certain point in the video, he talks about specific people or characters. One of them being Napoleon hill, but that’s not the only one… He focuses in on specific people within the personal development world, within the new age movement, and looks into their past.

And he’s basically dug up some things on specific people that make them look not so good.

Things that cast them in a bad light.

A couple of players have been behaving like scammers.

A couple of them have used new age concepts to just earn money.

And a few of them have actually been involved in some scams and various other things like that. Okay. Now you’ve got to remember the new age and personal growth is an enormous, enormous topic.

There are millions of books, probably hundreds of thousands, if not millions of authors. Okay. There are, it affects the, the reach of this community and topic okay. Is absolutely enormous. It’s if not the biggest niche, it’s certainly one of the top three.

And within that, you know, like any other topic, any niche, any community, or, you know, group of ideas, you are going to have specific characters that aren’t so good that scam people that teach the wrong things, or that use the topic for their own dark agendas or purposes. Right. It happens all the time.

Does that mean that the concepts in that topic are false?

Absolutely not.

And I’ll give you a very simple example of that:

Let’s say if you have a thousand fitness instructors and they’re all teaching people how to deadlift, okay. Deadlift is an exercise. You lift the bar off the ground, keep your back straight, whatever, right?

They all teach people how to deadlift. If one of those fitness instructors turns out to be a scammer, does that mean that the idea of a deadlift is suddenly false and dangerous?

Absolutely not.

The one specific person, or even a few people within a market do, doesn’t disprove the whole market. It doesn’t mean that suddenly deadlifting is nonsense.

But that is exactly what this video is suggesting, it is suggesting that because there are a few people within the new age movement who have been found out to be scammers, that suddenly means the CONCEPTS they’re teaching are disproven, which is just absolutely not the case.

And to, to think that is such a flawed line of thinking, you know, it’s just laughable, especially when you use the deadlifting example, I just gave you what you really have to consider is not the people teaching this stuff, because that’s completely irrelevant their background, their personality, you know, their the history and their intentions are completely irrelevant.

It doesn’t matter.

If what they’re teaching is true and useful, the concepts, they were actually talking about.

The idea that thoughts create things, the idea that through positive intention and mindset, you can change your life. The personality of these people is irrelevant. What they’re teaching is, you know, the only important thing now, of course, it’s nicer when they’re not scammers…

But that doesn’t mean what they’re teaching is wrong.

And I just want to make that very clear.

Another interesting thing that comes up in this video is he’s, he’s trying to, and I see why you’ve done this.

What He Does To Make His Videos Interesting

His channel essentially is about interesting exposing style documentaries, where you kind of reveal a hidden side to things that people might not know about.

So I understand completely why you’ve done this, but just for those of you who have watched this video and who actually are starting to believe what you’re saying, you’re, I need to make a few things very clear.

The first one new age, although it’s called new age and new thought is not new at all the idea that, and I’m going to kind of summarize here, right?

3: New Age Isn’t New: These Concepts Have Been Proven For A Long Time

The idea that our thoughts, conscious attention and beliefs affect our physical body and our physical reality, that is not a new idea. That’s been around for more than 5,000 years. And this has been documented.

It’s so extensively throughout history, that to suggest that it’s new is, is ridiculous.

Quite frankly, this has been known throughout history.

And if you look at even a small handful of ancient civilizations, you know, of seers, wise men, sages really any sufficiently advanced civilization or even, you know, tribes, shamans and, and tribal communities, they all knew this concept was true.

The idea that our thoughts and intention at the very least, right, at the very least affects our reality.

And at the very most indeed it can change almost everything about your reality. However, the society we’re in and the programming we have makes you forget that.

You Create Your Own Reality! You Always Have

The society we’re in heavily focuses on trying to convince you that your thoughts don’t create your reality. And to make you think you’re a victim of something. To make you think ‘it’s the government’s fault’ or it’s society, or the economy, you know, it’s your background, it’s your education.

They’re always trying to say, it’s something else.

Something else is the reason why you’re in the current situation that you’re in.

It’s not your fault. It’s something out there. And this is an incredibly dangerous thought. A very dangerous idea, because the truth is that every one of us is in charge, King or queen over their individual reality.

It’s all you, it always has been.

So the idea that it’s something else out there, somewhere, someone else’s fault, right?

The economy, it’s the, the education you have. That’s not true. And if you believe that, then of course the world must seem absolutely chaotic. It must seem like you have no control over anything. Things are just going wrong.

The world’s crumbling down. You, you know, you’re struggling because something in the economy isn’t quite right, but the truth is in any situation. And I’ll use the economy as an example, in any situation you will have people who have the victim mindset, they think something’s happening to them.

They’re just the unlucky recipients of this unfortunate situation.

And then you have the people who understand the truth, which is that they actually create their own reality. Everything they’re experiencing, they’ve attracted everything.

These are two very different perspectives on reality. One of them makes you feel helpless and sad and depressed and fearful. The other one makes you feel empowered, confident, happy, and grateful.

So to suggest that, you know, we should only do the first one, right?

The one way we’re like the victim?

That’s a very irresponsible thing for a big channel to suggest.

And for anyone reading this, you ARE in control of your reality, you do have that power. And, you know, like I said, it begins with your thoughts, your intention, everything begins with your thoughts.


4: An Unlucky EVENT Doesn’t Make The CONCEPT Wrong…

So then he started talking about like this specific, I’ve forgotten the name of it. Now, the specific event, it was some kind of new age, like conference or something. And that was like like a steam sauna..

And a couple of people died in the sauna.

Now, obviously, it’a very tragic.

It happens, and there is a statistic somewhere for how many people every year die in saunas, it happens is very unlucky, but it happened to this this new age conference. And he somehow suggests that because that, that unfortunate event happened, that it DISCREDITS the person organizing it.

How on earth can that be the case?

How can the TOPICS and concepts a person teaches, be labelled as ‘false’, just because the TEACHER made a mistake in organising the heating system of a Sauna?

The idea is that teaching and the entire concept, topic and market around what he’s talking about, because these two people died in a sauna accidentally. They’re the connections and mental gymnastics that this guy is doing is, is nothing short of astonishing.

I guess this kind of applies to not just to this guy’s video, but to any video, really any YouTube YouTuber, any online influencer who is kind of trying to debunk or discredit the new age movement.

You’ve got to understand, firstly, it’s not a new movement.

And secondly, you can’t disprove it because it’s a fundamental truth, a fundamental, provable fundamental basis of reality that we can all prove and experience ourselves without the need for any scientific study, without the need for any, you know, lab or matter analysis or anything else, you can prove it yourself.

Want to prove it?

Just start now 30 days, pick a goal to focus on something really specific, only think positive thoughts. If you find yourself thinking a negative thought, revert back to the positive thought, and you will find it to work.

I could go on.

The connection between our thoughts and our body is such a fundamental, strong connection that it’s been widely documented. An interesting book I would recommend you read is the holographic universe.

And in this book, they talk about studies and accounts and times, right? At times where people have used their mind to change their body physical healing. And I’m not just talking about, oh, I thought I would get better. So I got better.

And you could say, well, you would have got better anyway. No I’m talking about things like you had you had a doctors give a diagnosis. The doctor gives a diagnosis.

You’re going to die in two years…

The person decides: NO, I’m not going to die in two years.

And of course, thoughts become things.

The belief becomes a subconscious belief, and then that affects your body. Everything it’s all connected. And this is not just a couple of times. This is across the world, throughout history. If you, you know, if you think something and believe something, it will become true for you, you will make it true.

What You SAY And Believe Become True For You

And this has been the case many times a good example is if you’re sick or ill, you should never say ‘I am sick’. You should always say I am healing, or I am healthy because your thoughts and beliefs and what you say out loud, especially will become true.

If you say, ‘oh, I just can’t seem to get rid of this illness’that , your body and mind, and subconscious will all align to make what you just said become True.

On the other hand, if you say I’m healing, you will heal.

It’s quite, quite literally as simple as that.

Summary Of The Dark World Of New Age Gurus

I didn’t intend for this to come off as if I, you know, have something against this guy, I absolutely don’t have anything against them. These videos are actually quite interesting.

I’ve watched a couple more of them about other topics, but just with the new age movement in particular, and with, I guess he’s kind of, he was kind of attacking spirituality, and he was attacking a concept or an idea.

The idea that you create things with your thoughts, is absolutely true.

If it wasn’t true, you would be able to prove that, but here’s the kicker, right?

Here’s the really interesting part:

If You Don’t Believe You Create Your Reality, That Will ALSO Become True

Like I said, if you think something strongly enough, it will become a belief. It will become reality. That same thing applies to, if you don’t think your thoughts create reality, hope you’re with me on that.

So if you are reading this article, and you strongly believe, and you say to yourself, no stuff, that’s nonsense. My thoughts don’t create my reality.

What will happen for you?

Not for anyone else, but for you specifically, is you will experience that as true, which kind of proves it in the first place.

Because like I said, what you believe will become reality.

So if you tell yourself, ‘my thoughts don’t create reality’. That’s what you’ll experience.

If you tell yourself that your thoughts do create reality, then again, that’s what you’ll experience and you can test it out. So a good example, if you’re skeptical, if you don’t believe this is to really kind of trick yourself, really just force yourself to believe it, just for a short period of time, just for a couple of weeks or so.

And you’ll see what happens.

I could go on for longer, but that’s my debunking, and my thoughts on the dark world of new age gurus by James Jani, let me know what you think. And hopefully this has been useful in some way, if you see videos like this in the future, by the way, try and comment and just say, hold on a minute, you know, that’s not quite right.

You can’t just discredit an entire idea because if one person who said it, you know, you need to look at the actual concept and not the specifics of who said it, because then it’s just gossip. It’s just hearsay.

There’s no substance behind what you’re saying. You know?

And again, it’s the same with me.

It doesn’t matter how I look, what the background of my video is already. Anything, even my, anything that happened in my history, or anything that will happen in my future. What matters is the concepts that I’m talking about:

Are they true or are they not true?

That’s all that matters.

Truth prevails.