Lucid Dreaming Guest Posting!

This is an important page to read if you want to share your experience with this site and the world. There are a few rules to adhere to, which are only here to make sure you provide the best content to the readers. We only accept and look for certain types of articles, and these are as follows:

 – A story of your experience with dreams. Make it interesting.

 – A guide for a particular Lucid Dreaming techniques.

 – An IDEA! A thought on the future of Lucid Dreaming, idea for a dream mask etc..

 – Other advice/techniques/tips/tricks

You get the idea.. Something you think people would want to read. Here are some more things to consider when submitting an article.. No one wants to wade through a massive chunk of text, so make it nice and easy to digest. Each paragraph should contain one idea or focus, so say what you want to say and then make a new paragraph to say something new.

Any articles you submit will probably be at least edited/moved around in some way by the site admin, and by submitting an article you agree to this. The only reason for this is so that the content of the site can stay relatively constant in terms of writing style and structure etc.. We don’t want one article to be neat organised paragraphs then the next to be an entire article of one-liners.

What you agree to by submitting an article

We have to include this section so that no one gets upset when they see a change to their submission etc.. There are certain things you agree and consent to by submitting an article to us. If you DON’T wish to be bound by these terms, don’t submit and instead just read the awesome content that other people share.

We reserve the right to refuse to publish an article, for whatever reason. It’s nothing personal, sometimes we just don’t like what’s being shared or don’t feel the site and readers would benefit from it.

We reserve the right (and probably will exercise the right) to edit, modify, change and otherwise publish your article. This isn’t that big of a deal, and in most cases we’ll leave as much of the article intact as possible, there are some cases where we’ll just move bits around or put paragraphs in/titles/things like that just to make it look nicer and be more constant with the rest of this site!

If you would like a link to your personal website or blog, we can do that. It’s a little reward for sharing with us. If you’d like to remain unknown, that’s fine too! Let us know if you’d like to have your name published at the top or bottom of your article, a link to your site or even just nothing at all! We’re cool with whatever. (Bear in mind that you’ll not be allowed a link to your site if your site contains anything we don’t like; sexually explicit material, offensive etc).

You agree that any content you submit is NOT copyrighted by you. We don’t want people submitting content, and then claiming that we’ve stolen it from them, it just creates headaches for everyone. If you submit an article, for all intensive purposes, it becomes our article.

Include only ONE link. This can be at the start or end of your post, to either your website or your social media profiles.

While that may seem like a load of really annoying and picky rules, we only want to provide as much value to you, the reader, as possible. Some people will actively go around looking for guest posting opportunities just to get links to their own site for their own reasons. We don’t want that, we just want interested dreamers sharing their experiences and knowledge with the rest of us.

Some more guidelines for submitting an article

Maximise your chances of us accepting it, because we do tend to be picky with what we accept. Make sure you’ve written a useful article that is either helpful, entertaining, informative or interesting. It has to provide VALUE to people, and it has to be written well. Spell check it, make sure there are no silly errors and then proof read it.

Try to aim for about 800-2000 words, we prefer longer articles but if you have a small article, that’s fine too. 800 words is probably the minimum we are going to accept, with no upper limit at the moment, provided that the content is useful and you’re not just waffling. Make sure also, that the article is not anywhere else on the web, we want people to find content one here which is unique and exclusive. And on that note..

Wow.. That was a lot to take in

We know it seems like a lot of rules, but we’re aiming to be the best climbing site on the web and therefore can’t just accept any old nonsense aimed at getting free links and publicity.

If you have something genuine to share and it’s a decent article, we’ll probably accept it because that’s just what we want for the site. Use common sense with it and ask yourself, if you had a site, what articles would YOU allow to be published?

Where to submit your article

We look forward to reading your articles. Oh, you’re probably wondering where to actually send the things, right? Try to send them in a non-formatted word document to this email address – contact AT howtolucid DOT com and we’ll review them as soon as possible.

You can also just send the plain text of the article in the email. In the email make sure to tell us if you’d like a link to your site, or if you want an author bio at the top or bottom what to include in it.