Learn EXACTLY How To Lucid Dream With Our  Preferred Lucid Dreaming Coach: Erika! (Get Lucid Dreaming Coaching And Tuition)

By FAR, The Fastest Way To Lucid Dream Is By Getting 1-1 Lucid Dreaming Coaching And Tuition Sessions…

Coaching can be one of the FASTEST and most effective ways for you to lucid dream and learn the techniques. Often a one to one approach is MUCH better for learning lucid skills.

Our preferred lucid dreaming coach is Erika, and you can book private, one to one lucid dreaming lessons with her.

THROUGH HOWTOLUCID, you can get an exclusive discount as we’re partnered with her, and Erika is our only lucid dream coach that we recommend.

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Who Is Erika Evans?

Erika Evans is a Lucid Dream Coach who specializes in giving you highly transformative life changing experiences through the art of lucid dreaming!.

She especially loves to help those who are experiencing a need for a miracle of some sort whether that be healing from a chronic illness to finding one’s true love and dream life goals!

She KNOWS her stuff:

She has used lucid dreaming to:

Overcome stage 4 terminal cancer
Grow her connection to Source and Divinity
Find & keep her twin flame
Overcome complex post traumatic stress disorder
Overcome constant nightmares from severe childhood abuse
Heal her relationships
Enjoy the excitement and pleasures associated with being able to control the dreamscape and dream experiences,
And to gain faith and trust in manifesting!

Book A Session With Erika

Click the link to book a taster session with Erika. To get your discount, make sure you let her know you came from howtolucid.com or Stef (your coupon code is ‘HOWTOLUCID’, which you can enter in the booking form).

Erika Taught Many People Online How To Lucid Dream

Over the years, she has had soul transformative experiences and has taught many people online how to lucid dream, given intuitive readings, downloaded psychic dreams, given past life regression sessions via light hypnosis, and has had the time of her life learning the quantum mechanics behind how spontaneous healing works.

She specializes in establishing the connection between the daily waking lives we all go about and our imaginary dreamscapes we return to each and everytime we rest our head on a pillow and close our two eyes where we emerse ourselves in darkness to open our third eye wherein we take control of our dreams and use our inner light.

During her early 20s, she was a vegan cafe manager and chef for much of her young adult life but her true passion quickly became lucid dreaming over time. As a hobby she began coaching people for free into lucid dreaming and lucid living.

Most of her time was dedicated to understanding lucid dreaming on a personal and collective level while she used it to also heal herself. After much success with many persons, she has decided to dedicate herself to teaching anyone who wants to learn either from her freely on social media or by personal and/or group mentorship.

Currently, in her early 30s, she is pregnant with her first child and is over-joyed to become a mother, but also passionate at this time in her life to help you to lucid dream on a consistent basis and to use it for the purposes of both fun and healing!

She is taking on more clients with a few services on offer while also benefiting the persons who need this message of lucid dreaming the most for the purposes of healing by sharing what she went through freely online via Instagram and soon to be released more in depth on her YouTube channel!

After a somewhat accidental astral projection experience in 2014, she quickly realized she needed to master lucid dreaming in order to become an expert in astral projecting.

Mostly, she was afraid of death – even though she had previous supernatural experiences and past life recall- and she knew that she would like to be able to astral project at her own command in order to have a conscious death whereby she will exit the body upon death without any pain whatsoever.

She believes this is not only possible, but is available to everyone and is now the new normal.

From 2014-2016, she taught herself to see auras and to experience telepathy without the use of substances after having had a few experiences of supernatural phenomena without any hallucinogen intake.

That said, she has later on had psilocybin and did find that it helped her come out of complex post traumatic stress as well as help her to decide to connect to seeing energies without the use of substances and turning that power within back on like a light switch.

In 2017, after a few disastrously failed relationships, she began her twin flame journey and shortly thereafter experienced breast cancer followed by stage 4 breast and lung cancer after denying treatment because she had heard “Dr. Joe Dispenza,” in her mind after receiving the diagnosis.

Not knowing who he was, but very curious about the sudden clairaudience, she denied treatment and threw herself into her own science experiment to heal with thought alone.

It is her desire to live a life of her dreams while changing others lives and nothing makes her happier than to have it all through the knowledge of manifestation and lucid dreaming…

Book A Session With Erika

Click the link to book a taster session with Erika. To get your discount, make sure you let her know you came from howtolucid.com or Stef (your coupon code is ‘HOWTOLUCID’, which you can enter in the booking form).

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