BRAND NEW: Private lucid dreaming coaching with me: Fast track your lucid dreaming and draw on my 8+ years of experience BUT this is not for everyone.. Read more to learn why..

This is a brand new offering for 2018 and it’s NOT for everyone. Quite often this page will be down or unavailable and you won’t be able to access it, because I’m only offering this to a few people. I only want to work with people who are REALLY serious about lucid dreaming and NEED a coach to help them get to the next level. 

The vast majority of people won’t need a coach for lucid dreaming and don’t need this service. Most people can learn lucid dreaming through books, articles, and videos. That’s totally fine and I’m not saying this is for everyone. This is for a specific type of person and if you’re interested, please read this whole page first, before ordering a coaching session.

Why you might need coaching

If you’ve been trying to lucid dream for a while and you just can’t get anything to work, my advice is usually fairly similar from person to person, once I’ve established what you’ve been trying, and that is to mix things up. To try new techniques and methods, and to shake up your brain a bit to give yourself a better chance. If that’s NOT working for you or you just can’t seem to get anywhere, then you probably need a more personal approach.

Coaching is a way that I can personally guide you, and teach you exactly how to lucid dream through various methods. I can ask you questions and change what Im’ saying in response to what you’ve told me. This is what makes it MORE effective than any book or course, because what I teach in my ebooks or courses might not apply to you.

Now, the reason I’ve opened up this coaching option for you is because I’ve been getting LOTS more emails recently. In fact, I’ve been getting more emails in the last month than in the last year combined and it’s overwhelming. I do love replying to the messages you send me and personally helping you, but I only have so much TIME and although I wish I could reply to everyone, I just can’t.

So I’ve tried to leverage my time so I can help more of you. I’ve done this by making a daily youtube video answering a question or going through a FAQ or problem, and I’ve opened up more digital products that should help you with specific problems you’ve been having like reality checks for example. I’ve also got a monthly livestream which I’ll explain a bit later, but this coaching is a new way of me helping SOME of you. For reasons I’m about to explain, it’s not for everyone, and you’ll soon see why.

What results can you expect?

So, this is where things get tricky. I can’t guarantee lucid dreams for EVERYONE I teach. That’s just not realistic, because I can’t physically control what you do, think, and practice. All I can do is provide guidance and answer your questions. I can give you exercises to do and methods to focus on, but I can’t make you do anything.

For that reason, I CAN’T say that if you buy coaching with me, you’ll ALWAYS lucid dream. No one can offer that claim, and if they do, they’re lying. So I’m not claiming that I’ll always be able to make you lucid dream, but what I AM saying is that if you get coaching with me, you’re VERY likely to lucid dream as a result, IF:

  • You approach it with a positive attitude
  • You actually practice the methods I suggest
  • You have patience
  • You want to lucid dream

But because this is using my personal time and you can’ get time BACK once it’s spent, I can’t offer any refunds for coaching sessions booked or paid for. I hope you understand, and for this reason, it’s not for everyone. If you want there to be the option for a refund, then you either don’t know me well enough to trust me, or you’re not the sort of person I want to be coaching.

Is this for me?

Well, ask yourself how you’re doing. If you’ve read books, tried methods, watched videos and NOTHING is working for you or you just don’t understand lucid dreaming, then book one coaching session, and see what a difference it makes.

How to book coaching with me

As I’ve said this is NOT for everyone, but if you’re interested, at the moment the option I have is to pledge $150 per month on my Patreon page. Now this will give you 30 minutes of coaching per month for as long as you subscribe, BUT you can unsubscribe at any time of course. So don’t be alarmed by the monthly thing, you can easily unsubscribe and there’s no contracts with this. 

So to get started just click that link, sign up (takes seconds, you can use Google or Facebook) and then pledge at least $150 per month. Details of the coaching will be messaged to you ASAP and we can get started arranging times and best way of contacting you. It will usually be done over Skype.

LIMITED: This is only going to be open for 5 students, and no more. If you want this, get in quick! 

Livestream, other products

If you’re interested in getting personal help from me but you don’t want to go down the coaching route, you can also subscribe to my private monthly livestream in which I answer all sorts of questions from you personally. This is also VERY new and only been launched a few days ago, so again if you want this, get in quick. To subscribe to my private livestream, click here.