Clock Induced Lucid Dreams – The CILD Technique


🌙 Written by Kai Riverstone, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

Here’s the best tutorial on the CILD technique. The clock induced lucid dreaming technique is a great way to do reality checks more effectively. Here’s all you need to know.

It, as the name suggests involves using a clock or watch to induce a lucid experience. The way this works is simple.. In a Lucid Dream, for some reason things like clocks and watches, specially digital ones behave erratically. You can be looking at the time, then if you look away for a second or so and then look back, the time’s changed.

CILD technique for lucid dreaming

Using this, you can begin to induce Lucid Dreams every time you look at a clock as it forces you to do a reality check. There are several things you could do with this technique.. You could just do a reality check every time you see a clock anywhere in real life..

That way, you’d tie the ‘trigger’ of seeing a clock to the thought and action of a reality check. Whenever you then see a clock in a dream, hopefully you’d be triggered to do a reality check. That’s one way of doing it. You could also just use clocks as a dream sign..

Whenever you see a clock anywhere, use the clock as the reality check. I know this sounds similar to what I just said, but it’s slightly different.. You see with the first method you’re just using a clock to REMIND you to do a reality check.. The reality check you do could be anything.

Using the clock as the reality check

Look at the time. As you’re doing this, be aware of yourself and what’s around you. Look at the EXACT time, to the minute and second. (This is slightly easier with a digital clock, because you can notice the numbers have changed that bit easier).

Look away for about 2-4 seconds and then look back to see if the time is the same. If you were looking at a digital clock, the time should always be different in a dream, hence triggering you to become Lucid. If the time isn’t the same, then you could just do a normal reality check to make sure and then carry on with your day.

It might look a bit funny – Your friends might laugh when they see you constantly looking at your watch, looking away and then looking again.. They’ll think you just have really bad memory or something but that’s not important.. If the technique works then that’s the main thing.

Clock Induced Lucid Dream looks funny to friends

Using your phone

This can be done with mobile phones as well, although it’s harder because mobile phones are easier to mis-read. With a normal digital clock, it’s easy to see if the numbers have changed when you look back at it, but with mobile phones you can’t really tell sometimes because the numbers are so small in the top ‘bar’.

Every phone is different however, but a way you can adapt this technique is to create a custom phone screen background to ask yourself if you’re dreaming. This way, you can do a reality check every time you see it, which if you’re like me and use your phone a lot, is almost all the time.

Clock Induced Lucid Dream with a mobile phone

The clock induced lucid dream technique is not to be confused with the Wake Back To Bed technique which involves using an alarm. You’re not using an alarm with the CILD, rather you’re using the changing time as a way of testing you reality. It’s a very subtle technique.

Useful tools

I find that this works great with a digital watch as you can get more creative designs on digital watches. I also find that digital watch faces tend to distort MUCH more in dreams, making it easier to use them as a reality check. You can get some very cheap digital watches to use for this if you want. Also, listen to these binaural beats as you fall asleep to lucid dream more.