CILTEP Review 2024: The SuperNootropic From Natural Stacks


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We’re going to review the powerful nootropic known as CILTEP developed by Natural Stacks. This is the best CILTEP review in 2020 and it will help you make the best decision and understand more about how it works.

Here’s the deal:

Supplementing with nootropics comes with a whole host of health benefits. Research suggests that the reason for this is due to the fact that they increase the supply of oxygen to the brain, which changes the neurochemicals in the brain by stimulating nerve growth.

Increasing the supply of oxygen to the brain has been linked to increased concentration and memory improvement as well as an all-round advancement in cognition and intelligence.

So it’s no wonder that “brain tonics” (and nootropics in general) have become increasingly popular with college students who strongly rely on their cognitive function daily to get them through challenging exams and assignments.

One of the best, all-natural nootropics is the CILTEP stack from the company Natural Stacks, which is designed to boost brain power and improve memory.

By the way, if you click this link now you can view their website and CILTEP in a new tab, you won’t lose your place in this article! That way you can compare what I’m saying to you with pictures and other peoples reviews etc.

CILTEP review

So what exactly is CILTEP?

CILTEP stands for Induced Long Term Potentiation because it is believed that these supplements help by increasing motivation, focus and both long and short term memory function.

CILTEP brain supplements have been garnering a lot of attention in recent years because of their proven and anecdotal success at “doing what they say on the tin,” namely, increasing motivation, improving memory and boosting overall cognitive function.

CILTEP debunked: What’s so great about it?

One of things that sets CILTEP apart from other nootropics is that it has permanent long-term benefits. Read that again. This stuff PERMANENTLY improves your brain and the neuro connections inside it.

The permanent benefits don’t usually kick in until about 3-6 months of usage, however, the effects of improved memory, supercharged focus and an improved sense of well-being are noticeable almost instantly after taking it.

This means that you do not need to take CILTEP for long periods of time to start noticing the effects as it doesn’t need to “build up” in your system. In fact, many users report instant results in their mental cognition when they start working with CILTEP including razor sharp focus, improved memory and increased feelings of joy and well-being.

Another great thing about CILTEP is that it contains only natural ingredients that stimulate the brain and help you get whatever it is you need to get done… done.

So whether you are studying for a final exam or the head of a new startup company, supplementing with CILTEP can greatly improve your focus and bolster your powers of concentration.

What is a CILTEP stack?

A CILTEP stack is a potent brain supplement (also widely known as a nootropic) that combines, or “stacks” different synergistic ingredients together to produce a highly effective “elixir” that makes the most out of nature’s best brain remedies.

All of the best brain-boosting ingredients are rounded up to create a “dream team” of Mother Nature’s all-star brain-boosting players.

This means that each stack ingredient is specially designed to perform a specific function that works in tandem with the specific function of another stack ingredient. Think of it like a jigsaw puzzle. One piece completes and “fits into” another piece, which changes the overall picture of each individual component.

How does CILTEP work?

CILTEP helps the signal between neurons “communicate” by keeping them both stimulated. This is the biological function behind memorising and learning new material known as long-term potentiation.

Put simply, CILTEP helps the brain to perform optimally, which is why users report an increase in mental clarity after taking it. The reason that it is –deservedly –so popular with college students is because taking it can give you the ability to study for up to 9-10 hours at a time.

That sure beats the average 40 minutes!

In fact, various studies have actually gone on to prove the efficacy of CILTEP, crediting increased dopamine metabolism as one of its many positive side effects. These studies also reported improved memory and learning as well as a sharp increase in motivation.

Can I take CILTEP with other Natural Stimulants?

Some CILTEP aficionados swear by combining or, “stacking” CILTEP with some of Mother Nature’s other stimulants.

The combination of CILTEP and caffeine is popular, for example. This is because caffeine acts as a stimulant to increase alertness and mental focus thereby working in tandem with CILTEP.

Another popular admixture is CILTEP and Yerba Mate tea, also a stimulant, with an exceptionally high caffeine content. Yerba mate is said to be popular with computer hackers for giving them increased drive, focus and cognitive abilities.

When combined with CILTEP, it takes focus, mental clarity and concentration to a whole new level, allowing you to make the most out of whatever it is you wish to dedicate your time to.

A word of caution. It is best to tread lightly if you are thinking about combining CILTEP with a stimulant like caffeine because CILTEP can increase the effects of stimulants tenfold and the results might be a little too “much” for the average person to handle.

My advice is that you proceed very slowly. Start with just a small amount of caffeine and gradually build up to larger amounts to see how much your body can handle. Like Alice in Wonderland with her mushrooms, you have to experiment with different ratios to find the amount that’s right for you and your physiological make up.

CILTEP Greatly Boosts Mental Performance

Besides improving focus and drive, CILTEP stacks can also boost our overall mood and happiness quota.

With all the stress and general unhappiness there is in the world today, that’s never a bad thing and there are very few people I know who wouldn’t want to increase the amount of joy they have in their lives.

Using CILTEP at work

Because it increases our ability to focus on mental tasks for long periods of time, it is extremely popular with college students who are cramming for final exams or working on final projects.

But it’s not just college students who can reap the benefits of this powerful nootropic. Busy professionals have also reported anecdotal success when working with CILTEP stacks, as it helps them stay focused on menial tasks. In fact, some professionals note that they are able to derive an enormous amount of satisfaction doing jobs they normally consider to be boring or tedious because of the CILTEP stack’s ability to increase your capacity for joy.

It seems to take the tedium out of repetitive jobs, while also providing increased focus for jobs that require a lot of concentration and heightened levels of mental cognition.

Other professions that report a high level of success while working with CILTEP are professional writers and artists who spend much of their time in isolation so that they can be creative and produce tangible results.

This group reported better creative ideas, more time spent working on new or existing projects and improved results.

Whatever their profession, a lot of people seemed to report a high success level when pairing CILTEP with caffeine, although, as mentioned earlier, it is best to proceed with caution.

A particularly potent combination seems to be CILTEP with Yerba Mate, which is popular with IT types (notably hackers).

They claimed that their heightened ability to solve complex mathematical problems was unlike anything they’d experienced working with just CILTEP alone (or CILTEP with other herbal supplements).

Where to buy CILTEP

If you want to boost your brain power, take charge of your life and go on to make big, far-reaching changes, taking a nootropic like CILTEP might just be for you! Click here now to get a great price, and start your journey today, you’ll never look back! I regularly use this as part of my daily stack now as well.

Alternative nootropics

If you’re interested in nootropics, there are actually some alternatives you might want to consider. 

  • Mind Lab Pro: A powerful all natural nootropic that I personally use almost every single day. I even take this traveling with me and it’s the closest I’ve found to the ‘limitless pill’
  • Optineuro: A powerful nootropic that I also use every day along with Mind Lab Pro but this one DOES contain caffeine so be careful if you already drink coffee