Why You Can’t Lucid Dream (Stop Failing, We MUST Move On)


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Listen, we really need to stop failing at lucid dreaming. We can’t keep being stuck at this beginner level because I don’t know if you know this about me… I started this site several years ago.

Maybe it’s like six years ago now…

It was a while ago, right?

Back then… I thought I could just come in and share advanced or, you know, unusual, uncommon ideas about lucid dreaming and people would love it.


What I quickly found was that most people, I would say about 95% of people that were finding my videos had NEVER had a lucid dream. They didn’t know how to do it.

Most People Were ‘Beginners’

So I was kind of not ‘forced’, but I was guided, pushed towards doing content aimed at beginners. People who have never had a lucid dream, who in some cases don’t even know what it is, and certainly don’t know how to manipulate it and use it to experience advanced or even profound things.

They just wanted to have their first lucid dream.

And that’s fine. And you know, I’ve done this for many years.

I’ve given the beginners let’s say content and guidance on tutorials on lucid dreaming, but that’s not really my main goal with this brand. And I should have really made this post a long time ago.

I should have really had this focus from the beginning.

My goal is really to take you from lucid dreaming, to a place where you can fully expand and explore your consciousness and this reality and other realities, you know, advanced lucid dreaming is kind of where I thought I would start.

And then I would go deeper and, you know, higher up from there and teach you or share my experiences with other things like expanding consciousness, spirituality the soul consciousness and, and all of these, these topics, which I haven’t really dived into in this site much, so far.

Things like:

Like I said, because most people on this site, most of the audience, simply aren’t at that level, yet most of you at least don’t have the ability to regularly lucid dream.

And I considered that kind of the ‘starting point’.

So what I want to say in this post is this:

Let’s Take Lucid Dreaming More Seriously

It’s 2021.

Now at the time of writing this, let’s just take it more seriously.

Let’s see this as a, kind of like a turning point, you know, a fork in the road we’re going to now focus on really getting everybody, everybody reading this, all of my audience to lucid dream regularly reliably to put the hype aside, to put the let’s say the more pessimistic views aside, because there are certain content creators and people who talk about lucid dreaming in a kind of negative way.

They talk about it in the sense of it being difficult and hard to attain.

That’s not necessarily the case.

And you know, many of my programs have been Testament to that, especially things like the lucid bootcamp program, which has a hugely high success rate.

So I want to focus now from this point onwards on providing free content, but more specifically, you know, the information is out there already on my channel, on my website and on my email list, I give you everything you need to lucid dream for free.

And, and the reason I do that, like I said, is because I want you, I want you to do it so that you will hopefully then later come back and learn my advanced stuff, take my advanced programs and courses.

And that’s my main passion, is to help you and share my experiences with that higher level stuff. Let’s call it that for now, which I really think lucid dreaming is kind of one of the entry points to that.

And that’s kind of one of the reasons that I actually changed my YouTube name from how to lucid to ‘lucid dreaming experience’, because it’s really just an experience that we’re having anything in this physical reality, let’s call it.

It is just an experience that we’re having.

It’s not THE experience.

It’s one of the experiences, you know, this life even is one of the experiences we’re having as a divine spark of, of infinite consciousness. And so that’s what I really wanted to start talking about and going more into depth with, but in order to do that, we need to, let’s just cut out the nonsense here.

You probably want to lucid dream. If you’re watching this, at least if you’re continuing to watch this video, you maybe resonate with this. You haven’t been able to do it so far. I’m not going to sell you anything.

I’m not going to repeat myself too much either.

I just want to direct you to the right stuff.

Use My Free Lucid Dreaming Resources And Tools

I’ve also created several free tools or resources, things like my lucid dreaming app for it’s now iPhone and Android. If you didn’t get the update earlier so you can get that it’s free and that will give you like reality check reminders.

You can set wake back to bed alarms, you can learn techniques and there’s even a dream journal. So hope so please use that, you know, use every day. And let’s just set a challenge, right?

I’ve even made a telegram group. I’ve made a subreddit, there’s even a discord server.


If you, if you do want to fast track things, I do have a course. The lucid breakthrough course is probably the fastest way to, you know, to learn the skills and get up to speed. But you don’t have to, you don’t need that.

That’s just, if you really want to fast-track yourself, you, everything is there for free.

So, please try and lucid dream as fast as possible.

Lucid Dreaming Is The ‘ENTRY Level’!

Because what I really want to be doing is, you know, from this point on, is, is sharing more advanced higher level complex, not, not necessarily complex, but you know, more interesting and profound ideas, concepts and techniques let’s say for really accessing and experiencing higher levels of consciousness, right?

So lucid, so lucid dreaming is really kind of the entry level.

The first step.

Lucid dreaming is just something you should probably learn fast, learn it, learn it quickly.

You know, if you haven’t lucid dreams so far, if you’re watching this and you’ve never had one, or you’ve always found it really difficult, you know, please firstly, don’t get stressed.

It happens to a lot of people and it’s very common.

And secondly, the tools, like I said, the tools are there. I strongly believe that if you follow these things and actually put in the effort, you’ll do it.

You will, you will have a lucid dream.

You’ll be able to regularly lucid dream. It doesn’t have to be difficult, but let’s just stop wasting time with kind of, let’s say ‘distracting’ content, things that aren’t helping you and social media is a massive hindrance to your lucid dreaming ability.

Especially if you watched these long, you know, hour long live streams, where you’re just chatting about random things like that, doesn’t help. It doesn’t actually help you to the dream.

The Fastest Way Of Getting Started

You need concise, powerful and effective information, usually in the form of a four minute video. And then you need to practice that daily.

And that’s all we need to do.

You know, you don’t need to have these long drawn out chats about everything and anything to do with lucid dreaming. You just need to know the most effective methods, practice them and then get the results.

And then once you’re at that point, then you can start hopefully wanting to look at more advanced stuff. And that’s where my site comes in.

To be honest, I would say the FASTEST way of getting started is:

I’ve put all of this together in my Breakthrough program, and made it very easy to follow. It works, even if you’re busy or don’t think you’ll be able to do it. If you’re interested, click the link and watch the video on the page.

The video explains more about how it works, and why the Egyptians found lucid dreaming so EASY!

And once you understand that, it will ‘click’ for you, in your mind.

You’ll realise what you’re doing wrong and just how easy it will be to fix.