Lucid Breakthrough Course: How to lucid dream even if you’ve TRIED before and NOTHING has worked.

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Finally break through and have lucid dreams within a few weeks for just $297 $37, plus get instant access to the videos, audios, and all the free bonuses!

  • Instant access to ALL of the 20 HIGH QUALITY VIDEO LESSONS in the course, the downloadable PDFs, and all free bonuses
  • Step by step process, where I walk you through the EXACT order you should learn and practice things. Each lesson has PDF notes, audio version, suggested reading and homework
  • Learn the major things STOPPING you from having regular, beautiful and powerful lucid dreams every night, and how to avoid those mistakes
  • Instant access to the full high quality AUDIO versions as well, so you can listen and learn while exercising, walking or working
  • Lucid dream within 60 days or your money-back! Just email asking for a refund, no questions asked. But I’m sure you won’t need to do that
  • This video course is focused one ONE main thing: Getting you to lucid dream reliably, and regularly (EVEN if you’ve never done it before)

Lucid dreaming can be really DIFFICULT…

But there are probably a few things you’re doing wrong, that you don’t realise you’re doing!

This course is for you if you ALREADY know how to lucid dream.

You KNOW the techniques and how it’s supposed to work…

But for whatever reason NOTHING is working for you!

I’ll show you how to have a ‘breakthrough’.

 As you already know; lucid dreaming is pretty incredible: It allows you to experience impossible adventures in your sleep. Here are some more reasons lucid dreaming’s awesome:

  • The ability to become self aware in your dreams, and REALIZE you’re dreaming while you’re actually in the dream, allowing you to CONTROL it and do whatever you like, with no danger or consequences at all
  • You can use lucid dreaming to practice REAL LIFE skills (and actually improve), have crazy erotic sex with celebrities or people you know, improve your confidence, energy, sleep better, and much more
  • It can help you unlock your mind, and experience the impossible, and ultimately have a huge amount of fun. You’ll also add thousands of extra hours onto your life (time that most people just sleep through, doing NOTHING!)

It’s an incredible feeling!

MILLIONS of people all around the world are learning and practicing it already. 

But you knew that, didn’t you? 

The chances are:

  • You’ve TRIED techniques
  • You’ve TRIED supplements
  • You’ve WATCHED millions of videos about lucid dreaming
  • You’ve STAYED UP, made yourself tired, set crazy alarms, and jumped through hoops

Nothing is working, is it? 

And you don’t know what to do.

It’s not your fault…

Lucid dreaming can be very difficult to learn as a beginner. It’s difficult to actually start having lucid dreams, as you probably know. To have regular, vivid and high quality lucid dreams takes a lot of practice, and often you just don’t know where to start!

If you’re reading this, I KNOW how you feel, honestly.

I’ve been where you are, and I’ve tried EVERYTHING to lucid dream, and sometimes it was very frustrating, because NOTHING was working for me.

I understood HOW it was supposed to work, it just didn’t seem to CLICK for me.

This ‘LUCID BREAKTHROUGH COURSE’ will change all of that for you.

It’s easy to just close this tab and carry on with your day, but you’d be missing out on SO MANY incredible lucid dreaming adventures and experiences if you did that.. so just stick with me for just a few moments:

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • YOU’VE TRIED to lucid dream before, but it didn’t work and you just didn’t even know where to start, so you’ve felt HOPELESS and even ANNOYED that you can’t do it. Maybe you even started blaming yourself or even doubting whether it’s real or not?
  • YOU’VE BEEN TRYING to lucid dream for months or even longer, but NOTHING is working despite you having read LOADS of articles, books and techniques (most common)
  • YOU KNOW HOW lucid dreaming is supposed to work, and what you’re supposed to do, but it’s just not happening for you, no matter how hard you try? 
  • YOU CAN LUCID DREAM… every now and then… but you can’t get RELIABLE and regular lucid dreams, whenever YOU want them (it’s hit and miss), and you just want reliable lucid dreams when YOU want them
  • YOU’VE PAID (wasted) money for other courses or ebooks that promised results but didn’t deliver, and now you’re skeptical? Or maybe you’ve bought one or two and you’re just CONVINCED that you can’t lucid dream, for whatever reason?

If you were nodding your head to any of those, you’re not alone..

It’s not your fault.

There are many people just like you, who are struggling, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Often, the REASON you’re not having lots of lucid dreams is just that you’re not practicing the right things, at the right time. I’ve created a solution that works for you specifically.

How the Lucid Breakthrough Course can help you

The lucid breakthrough course is specifically for you if you’ve already tried to lucid dream but it hasn’t worked.

It’s a series of high quality video lessons (20 in total) that guide you through the most common mistakes, and what you’re probably doing wrong. I explain every aspect of lucid dreaming, what most people learn about it, and where you’re MOST LIKELY to be going wrong!

I’ve tailored this course to FOCUS on common things that STOP people lucid dreaming. 

Common mistakes…

And I’ve created an action plan for you!

It will help you BREAK THROUGH this rut, and make the techniques and methods work for you.

This is like a troubleshooting guide, for all areas of lucid dreaming. 

In short:

Follow this course, and you’ll have a breakthrough, and lucid dream.

You’ll also get access to high quality audio versions of the course, if you’d prefer to listen to it on the go. You can watch the videos at your own pace, download the PDF guides and bonuses explained below, and read PDF lesson notes.

It’s time to stop wasting time, and finally start lucid dreaming, REGULARLY.

What makes this special?

Over the years of teaching lucid dreaming, I’ve been lucky enough to help tens of thousands of students, and almost 10 million viewers on YouTube. I’ve had countless Skype calls, conversations, email threads and messages with people all around the world. 

I’ve got to KNOW what holds you back, really well. 

So I have a very good idea of what is stopping you lucid dreaming, and how to fix it very quickly.

I didn’t always have this ‘key’ to lucid dreaming! It took years of trial and error, and spending hundreds of hours directly helping people overcome their BLOCKS to lucid dreaming. 

So this video and audio course FOCUSES on the things MOST LIKELY to be stopping you.

It gets better:

EACH lesson has been tailored to show you how to do the technique or idea, and what’s most likely to go WRONG.

So that you can avoid those mistakes.


What you’ll learn in the course:

  • Learn exactly WHY you’ve struggled to lucid dream before, and what causes a technique to work or FAIL, so you can avoid making those mistakes again, and ACTUALLY lucid dream fast
  • The one thing that’s helped more of my students than ANYTHING ELSE, and how you can apply this in your life today
  • What lucid dreaming REALLY is and how it works in the brain, so you can better understand how it works and what you’re trying to achieve
  • How to work out how long it will take you to have your first (or NEXT) lucid dream so you can set your expectations right!
  • The REAL way to do reality checks that you’re not doing yet! Learn how to get INSIDE your reality checks, and BURN them into your mind so they always show up and make you lucid
  • The BEST times to do reality checks to make sure they help you get lucid, and WHY most reality checks you do WILL NOT show up in your dreams! (Unless you do this thing)
  • The CRITICAL mistake you’re making with your reality checks that causes them to just NOT do anything and not make you lucid!
  • The difference between ‘short term’ and ‘long term’ techniques, and how to use BOTH in the right way to lucid dream on autopilot, in a way that IMPROVES your sleep quality
  • A technique I created that’s so effective, it can give you up to 4 lucid dreams in one night (but it makes you tired the next day, that’s the catch for that one!)
  • What your first lucid dream will FEEL like, so yuo can get inspired, motivated and excited to continue learning. I’ll also show you how to KNOW for sure whether you’ve had a lucid dream or not
  • How to have ‘EMERGENCY lucid dreams’ with a guaranteed technique (the catch is that it’ll make you tired the next day, but it WORKS) so that you can take lucid dreaming for a ‘test drive’

In the second half of the course:

  • How to easily stack the ‘odds’ in your favor, so that your brain and environment HELP you lucid dream, and it’s easier TO lucid dream than not to lucid dream. (This will save you lots of time and wasted effort at night)
  • Why you need to keep track of things and how to keep a dream journal the right way (Doing this right will give you a 50% boost in the number of dreams you can recall, and they’ll be more vivid too!
  • Fix your BROKEN mindset about lucid dreaming, and change the beliefs you can’t see (Your subconscious beliefs that are holding you back)
  • Lucid dreaming TECHNIQUES MASTERCLASS: In depth tutorials on WBTB, WILD, 90ILD and more where I share unique twists and upgrades for these techniques to make them more effective
  • How to use my lucid tracking template to get really ‘nerdy’ about your lucid dreams, and KNOW EXACTLY what’s stopping you from having reliable lucid dreams (also, a free template is included in this course for you to fill in and use)
  • 5+ simple and powerful techniques to REMEMBER more dreams in incredible detail, so you’ll never miss another lucid memory again
  • The crippling ‘Lucid dreamers momentum trap’ – Every day that goes by it becomes LESS likely you’ll lucid dream unless you do this one thing! (I’ll show you how to change that in just a few hours)
  • How to put it all together, and what to practice every day (With a focus on DIFFERENT and UNUSUAL ways of doing what you’ve been trying already so you’ll lucid dream)
  • Plus lots more secret stuff!

What makes me worth listening to?

I’m Stef, the man behind HowToLucid, and lucid dreaming is my PASSION.

I love learning and teaching this, and I’ve been doing it for over 8 years now. My work has been featured in some pretty big sites (see below), and my articles on lucid dreaming have reached well over 5 million readers. My YouTube channel has now over 10.1 million views, and every day I get emails from people thanking me for helping them have more lucid dreams. 

I’ve spent 8+ years learning about, practicing and teaching lucid dreaming. I’ve written over 18 books on lucid dreaming and I’ve been featured IN or ON the following sites (Some have written reviews of my products, others I’ve written posts FOR them about lucid dreaming) – 

So I know what I’m talking about. Also, this product has been tested and REFINED over a long period of time to be the most effective it can be. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and I KNOW it will help you lucid dream. 

To make this a complete NO BRAINER for you, I’ve also included 2 free bonuses if you order now!

FREE BONUS 1: Affirmations for lucid dreamers (value $17)

If you order today I’ll also include this free bonus list of lucid dreaming AFFIRMATIONS that you can repeat every single day. You should read these affirmations whenever you do a reality check, and it’s explained in more detail in the course!

FREE BONUS 2: Lucid Journal Templates (value $7)

A custom journal template asking you direct questions that will help you lucid dream, and focus more on recalling more of your dreams. This is to go along with the course and make it more likely you’ll stick with it!

Finally break through and have lucid dreams within a few weeks for just $297 $37, plus get instant access to the videos, audios, and all the free bonuses!

  • Instant access to ALL of the 20 HIGH QUALITY VIDEO LESSONS in the course, the downloadable PDFs, the audio versions, and all free bonuses
  • Learn the major things STOPPING you from having regular, beautiful and powerful lucid dreams every night, and how to avoid those mistakes!
  • Step by step guided process, showing you the right order to learn things, in simple and easy to understand video lessons (Each lesson also has downloaable PDF notes and summaries). 
  • Lucid dream within 60 days or your money-back! Just email asking for a refund, no questions asked. But I’m sure you won’t need to do that

Got questions? 

  • What actually is the Lucid Breakthrough Course? It’s a high quality video course (with free audio version included) teaching you why you’re not ALREADY lucid dreaming. It’s designed for people who have TRIED to lucid dream already, learned techniques and how it’s SUPPOSED to work, but nothing seems to be working. It’s often a few simple problems, but it’s also usually a lack of understanding about HOW these things work. Let me take you by the hand and explain in GREAT detail how it all works, and what you’re doing wrong. 
  • Can ANYONE learn to lucid dream? Yes, anyone can learn to lucid dream, and this course has helped all sorts of people learn the skills to lucid dream easily. In fact, that’s the main benefit of the course; ANYONE can apply these tips and lucid dream within 2 weeks, or you get your money-back!
  • Do I HAVE to print it out? No, this is a video course, with audio recordings and PDF ebooks. However, you might want to print out the affirmations and the dream journal template. But you don’t have to because you could just copy the TEXT of the affirmations to your phone, and use the template as a guideline for writing in your journal. The MAIN product here is the video and audio recordings, which of course can’t be printed. 
  • Does it matter how old I am? Not really. As long as you’re still sleeping and dreaming, you can lucid dream. Even if you don’t THINK you’re dreaming, you probably are, you just might not remember those dreams. Either way this will work for you
  • What if the course doesn’t work? I haven’t had one person tell me it doesn’t work yet, but if it doesn’t give you lucid dreams (and you’ve followed the steps) then I’ll refund your money, no questions asked. You can get a full refund for up to 2 months (60 days) and you can even keep the course along with all the bonuses.
  • Is it a physical product? No, the Breakthrough Course is a video and audio course (consisting of 20 videos), with downloadable PDF bonus files as well. You can choose to download the audios, PDFs etc, but there’s nothing PHYSICAL you’ll get in the mail. You’ll get instant access to all of this, once you’ve entered your payment information.
  • How do I pay? Your payment is processed through ‘Clickbank’, so when you click ‘buy’ or add to cart etc on this page, you’ll be directed to a payment page hosted by a site called ‘Clickbank’. They’re a payment gateway, and once you’ve entered your payment details you’ll THEN instantly be taken to a download page where you can download your products. You can pay with any debit or credit card, or any PayPal account as well!
  • What if I have questions once I’ve got the course? Any questions or problems you have with the video course, you can email me at contact @ and I’ll reply ASAP. Quote your order number please when emailing me questions and expect about 4-6 hours for a reply but it’s often a lot faster. I’m here for you, to make sure you succeed and lucid dream. 
  • How is this different to my other ebooks/products? The Breakthrough Course is essentially like me personally coaching you. If you’ve watched videos, read articles, bought ebooks or courses and NOTHING has worked for you, you need special help. The chances are you need to APPROACH it in a different way. This course is that different approach. 
  • Even if nothing has worked before, this will because it’s time tested methods and techniques that will work. not only that, but they’re arranged and laid out in a very effective way that has the BEST chance of working and giving you lucid dreams. 

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