Brainwave Alchemy Binaural Beats REVIEW 2023: Custom Audio Tracks?


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Binaural beats have been around for a while now, and I’ve written about the BEST binaural beats

But today?

We’re looking at a brand new player. 

Brainwave Alchemy are a company that sell binaural beats, yes. 

BUT they also sell CUSTOM guided meditation audio tracks. You can TELL THEM what messages you’d like to have in your guided meditation, and they’ll create a new track just for you.

Now I think that’s very powerful for a number of reasons, which I’ll get into in a minute. They also include a choice of 5 binaural beats to have inside your custom track. And you can be sure that no-one else has that exact track.

This is PERFECT if you have a specific thing that you want to use binaural beats to help you with, like:

  • Getting over an ex lover
  • Attracting money into your life
  • Finding your purpose
  • Feeing better
  • Waking up with more energy
  • Studying harder and focusing for longer
  • Being more creative

And anything else you can imagine. They can create a guided meditation, with vocals and binaural beats, just for you. All you need to do is click here and look for this package if it doesn’t redirect you automatically: 

Benefits of binaural beats

There are many benefits to listening to binaural beats. Too many to go into all of them here. 

But here are some of the main benefits of binaural beats:

  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Makes falling asleep easier
  • Can support lucid dreaming
  • Improves/helps memory
  • Helps you focus on things
  • Enhances mood and emotions

So, they’re pretty cool. And you can get these benefits easily, just by listening to them. SURE, you need to use stereo headphones, but that’s the only thing you need other than an Ipod or MP3 player to get started. 

Considering the incredible benefits, and how easy it is to get setup, it’s a really attractive product. Brainwave Alchemy have created a series of binaural beats that give you those benefits, and MORE. 

Custom binaural beats and guided meditation tracks

So one of the most useful things about Brainwave Alchemy is that they offer custom guided meditation audios.

You just need to complete your payment, schedule an interview and tell them what you want in the track. They can then create a custom guided meditation WITH binaural beats just for you. 

It’s powerful to be able to decide what you want the guided meditation to say to you. This is a track that you’ll likely be listening to every single morning, as you attempt to change your subconscious beliefs.

But the thing is:

Everyone talks in slightly different ways. 

And a basic principle of NLP (Neuro linguistic programming) is that you should talk to yourself in the way that you NORMALLY talk to yourself.

So it has to be said in your normal way of saying things, in order to have the most effect. This is why standard guided meditations don’t work as effectively as they COULD work, if they were custom tailored just for you.

But Brainwave Alchemy can make you a custom track, so you can include YOUR way of saying things. Your phrases, words and descriptions. All overlaid with high quality binaural beats and ambient noises.

Brainwave Alchemy review summary

Overall, it’s pretty good. I think it’s interesting and unique that they offer a custom guided meditation and I’ve not seen anyone else offering that. 

The owner has been experimenting with and using binaural beats for many years, and knows how to create high quality tracks. 

I think that’s important:

Not many binaural beats companies actually USE the products they create. But this guy does, and that speaks volumes to how effective the tracks can be for you. 

The tracks they create are in 256K quality, and you’ll get an instant download. But you can read all of that on their site, and more. I would suggest getting the custom guided meditation if you want to really fast track your personal development.

The quality is high, and they’re fairly responsive on customer support too. I think if you’re looking for something custom just for what you need, Brainwave Alchemy are the best place to get the guided meditation audio.

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