Brainstack Review 2024: The Advanced Nootropic From Maven Labs


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Today we’re going to be looking at the popular nootropic; Brainstack from Maven Labs. READ THIS REVIEW BEFORE BUYING! Let’s begin:

There are very few people out there who wouldn’t jump at the chance at enhancing their cognitive abilities. After all, who doesn’t want to boost their memory, have clearer thoughts and generally improve their all-round mental capabilities?

With all the different pills and supplements out there that combine all the best memory boosting ingredients, the hard part can be knowing which one to take.

Here is our review of the Maven Labs Brainstack Nootropic cognitive enhancement supplement, which appears to be one of the best of its kind so read on if you are interested in finding out more…

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Brainstack nootropic

A Break Down of Brainstack Nootropic’s Active Ingredients

  • 15 mg Vitamin B6
  • 100 mcg Vitamin B12
  • 300 mg Acetyl-L-Carnitine
  • 300 mg Lion’s Mane
  • 200 mg Bacopa Monnieri
  • 200 mg Mucuna Pruriens
  • 200 mg GABA
  • 200 mg Magnesium Glycinate
  • 175 mg Alpha GPC
  • 120 mg L-Theanine
  • 60 mg Caffeine Anhydrous
  • 50 mg Pterostibiline
  • 150 mcg Huperzine A

What are the Effects of the Active Ingredients?

In a nutshell, Brainstack’s ingredients have been chosen for their superior ability to help boost memory and cognitive function. All the different ingredients work together synergistically. This means that you must think of each ingredient as a singer in a choir.

Although one person sings alto and the other sings baritone, each individual voice merges together to create something that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Active Ingredients that Improve Cognitive Functioning

Here is a mini breakdown of some of the supplement’s active ingredients and what they do to improve mental alertness, memory and cognitive functioning.

  • Bacopa Monnieri has been credited with accelerating the learning process in humans.
  • Huperzine A is a powerful nootropic that also works as a neuro vasodilator. This means that it controls and regulates cerebral blood flow. This is an extremely important bodily function because it ensures that the brain is working properly.
  • Lions Mane enhances brain function and improves mental health (as well as overall well-being and immune function).
  • Alpha GPC is a soy isolate that increases strength, releases growth hormones and improves cognitive functioning.
  • Acetyl L Carnitine is an amino acid that turns fat into energy. It is naturally produced throughout the body though it is sometimes taken as a supplement to boost athletic performance though it is primarily used to treat patients with heart disease. It is also known to help treat Alzheimer’s and is therefore effective at enhancing cognitive function.

Active Ingredients that Help with Focus

Below is a small summary of the various ingredients that help improve the ability to focus.

  • Caffeine Anhydrous is, quite simply, dehydrated caffeine. It works by stimulating the central nervous system and is used as a worldwide panacea for improving alertness and cognitive functioning. Some scientific studies have posited that anhydrous caffeine is more effective at improving athletic performance than a cup of coffee.
  • Vitamin B6 plays an important role in physical and psychological functions and helps boost energy levels. It is used by the body every single day and plays a vital role in memory, movement and blood flow. B6 deficiencies have been linked to dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • Vitamin B12 also plays a vital role in improving one’s memory. It also benefits one’s mood and energy levels.
  • Alpha GBC also helps with focus, as does Mucuna Pruriens, which is an age-old Ayurvedic herb that supports the brain and intellect and improves motor skills and coordination.
  • L-Theanine is a nondietary amino acid found in green tea and caffeine and is one of the primary ingredients in Brainstack that helps with focus. This is because L-Theanine is known to promote relaxation as well as helping to reduce stress.
  • It is also known to promote sleep and improve alertness, which is probably why the Japanese dub it as the “alert calmness” amino acid. It is also known to help improve concentration when trying to focus on mental tasks.
  • Magnesium Glycinate is often used to treat chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia as well as being a mood booster and is given to people suffering from poor mental function such as confusion and grogginess.
  • GABA is one of the body’s primary neurotransmitters and improves mood and reduces anxiety. It has been shown to boost human growth hormone and is used to help calm and focus the mind thus improving concentration.
  • Pterostilbene is a highly bioavailable substance that rejuvenates brain cells and is necessary for supporting healthy cellular function. It also supports motor function and cognitive abilities in people suffering from the first symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Ingredients that contain Neuro Vasodilators

Huperzine-A, Alpha GPC, and Bacopa all contain neuro vasodilators, which work together to increase brainpower. They do this by increasing blood flow to the brain, which is great for improving both long-term and short-term memory functions. These three ingredients alone can be credited with increasing memory.

Synergistic Ingredients Boost Brainstack’s Effects

It is “the sum of its parts” rather than each individual ingredient that make Brainstack such a powerful nootropic. As with many other memory-enhancing supplements, the various ingredients here have been cherry picked to create a powerful, brain-enhancing punch.

Breaking Down Brainstack Effects

Improves Cognitive Function

All the ingredients have been chosen because they greatly improve cognitive function and, together, they pack an almighty punch.

One of the most exciting ingredients in Brainstack Nootropic is Lion’s Mane Mushroom, which is said to increase the amount of Nerve Growth Factor in the brain. This has been linked with the ability to create new neurons when taken over an extended period of time.

This means that if you make a commitment to taking the supplement over a long period of time, you will be creating new neurons in the brain… Now there’s food for thought!

Increases Ability to Focus

Mind mastery is one of the trickiest things to master, yet, once mastered, can make us feel invincible and capable of achieving anything. When we aren’t easily distracted (because we are no longer the victims of our “monkey minds”) we can really make the most out of our daily activities and get so much accomplished.

Makes Dreams More Vivid and Improves Sleep Quality

One of the most pleasant side effects of taking Brainstack Nootropic is enhanced and more vivid dreams. Taking this supplement makes dreams especially clear and vivid and our ability to remember small details increases greatly.

In fact, both longtime and short time users reported being able to consistently remember at least two dreams a night (as opposed to just one when they were not supplementing with Brainstack). Long term use seems to enable people to remember even more dreams –more like three or four dreams a night.

Improves Memory

Even when you first start supplementing with Brainstack, you notice that you are sharper and more focused than you are normally.

When you take the supplement over longer periods of time you notice that you are “sharp as a tack”, with an increased ability to recall information with a more thorough grasp of both logical and abstract concepts.

Review summary

  • Highly effective at improving memory and dream recall
  • Greatly increases productivity and motivation
  • Improves overall mood and sense of well-being
  • Contains synergistic ingredients that actually work
  • Gives you inspired ideas (expect “light bulb” moments galore)

If you’re ready to give Brainstack a try, click here to get a great price on it! You can also mix it with other things like a multivitamin to get boosted effects and just keep yourself in optimum brain health!

Brainstack nootropic