I Want To Master My Mind And Body (Bio-Hacking)

Bio-hacking is a very powerful tool that can make your life better. There are TONS of scientifically proven benefits to meditation, and there are some things you can do to make it easier.

BEST option: Try binaural beats

Binaural beats are a type of sound-wave that can make meditation more effective, and work FASTER. I wrote a big post listing the BEST binaural beats and their benefits, so go and read that. Or, just check out our top picks below: 

  • Kasina Mind Machine System: (From MindPlace.com) A meditation machine that helps you meditate and puts you into a deeply relaxed state by changing your brainwaves. It uses lights and sounds to lull you into the right state. This is very effective and I’ve never really used anything quite like it. To get this particular discount you need to click that link above and then enter this code at checkout: ‘HTL10’
  • Binaural Beats from Ennora: Binaural beats are a VERY fast way of having lucid dreams. You listen to these soundwaves as you go to sleep, and you’ll find yourself drifting into a lucid dream easily! You should be able to get a discount and listen to free samples on their site using that link!

Summary of the top binaural beats:

    1. Binaural Beats Meditation (or read our review of them)
    2. Ennora (Or read our review)
    3. Iawake Technologies
    4. Unexplainable store (read our review of them here)
    5. Holosync (Or read our review!)
    6. HemiSync binaural beats


To master your mind, nootropics is a topic that’s going to come up again and again. Nootropics are ‘smart drugs’, and can MASSIVELY boost your cognitive abilities, memory, and focus.

Here’s some top resources: 

  • Mind Lab Pro: Not specifically for lucid dreaming, but this nootropic gives a powerful mental focus boost. It’s like the pill from the movie ‘Limitless’ but without any side effects. I use this every day.
  • List of Lucid Dreaming nootropics: Although these are more aimed at lucid dreaming, there are some powerful nootropics you might want to try there.
  • Optineuro: A more PUNCHY nootropic that can help you focus, get more work done, and improve your working memory

THIRD option: Try some bio-hacking DEVICES

There are lots of devices and technology that you can use to hack and upgrade your life and mind. Here’s a few top picks that you can read more about:

  • Mind machines: Mind machines are special devices that combine binaural beats with visual stimuli through a set of goggles. They can INSTANTLY change your brainwave state. See our list of the best mind meditation machines and how they work.
  • Lucid dreaming masks: If you’re interested in lucid dreaming, you could navigate to this part of the interactive quiz. OR you could check out our list of the best lucid dreaming masks and devices!
  • Meditation headband: An unusual meditation headband that lets you SEE your brainwaves in real time on the app!