Astral Projection Could Be Real: Here’s Why & How It Works


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I’ve written before about the difference between lucid dreaming and astral projection, but I was wrong. 

In the old article, which I’ll leave intact to show my old opinion and how it was justified, I basically said that astral projection was NOT real, because it wasn’t proven.

In this article I’ll explain why actually, astral projection could very well be real, and it’s MORE likely that is IT real, than it isn’t. That has some profound implications which I understand could create a bit of a divide between my readers. Some people on the side of logic, science and ‘proof’ will turn their heads away from this post.

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An Out of Body Experience, or an OBE.

Others who are more open minded, and willing to read this entire post will have a slightly different, more accepting view of astral projection.

What is astral projection

Astral projection or astral travel refers to being able to separate from your physical body, and explore different places, realities and even dimensions using your ASTRAL body. Your astral body is also sometimes referred to as your subtle body or energy body, but it all means the same thing. 

The implications that astral travel gives are that this world is MORE than just the 3D physical space we see and interact with. It suggests that actually there is lots more to this world than what we can see, taste, and touch. And we know this already, and in fact that HAS been proven by science.

We know that we only see a tiny fraction of the light that’s out there, for example we can’t see ultraviolet rays, infared rays, radiowaves etc, but these energies ARE out there, all around us and can be measured. The same can be said of soundwaves, we’re only aware of a small fraction of the soundwaves that are out there.

Cats and dogs for example can hear sounds we can’t. Bats can hear sounds cats and dogs can’t, and so on. So all we can EXPERIENCE is actually fairly limited, when compared to what there IS to experience in this world.

And that’s what we already know. So we’ll get into why I believe astral projection is very real in just a moment, but first, let’s talk about how astral projection is supposed to work, and what happens behind the scenes.

How is it supposed to work

Astral projection is supposed to work like this:

Your soul or essence is ‘looking into’ this human form, like a man looking through a telescope. But your soul is limitless, and can do far more than just experience the human form. The idea of astral projection is that you can briefly SEPARATE from your human physical form, and experience OTHER forms. 

These other forms could be traveling around different places in your physical world, for example to the next room, but it could be more complicated than that. For example, we humans experience TIME in a linear fashion. We move through time or the 4th dimension in ONE direction, forward.

Astral projection for beginners

But time isn’t always linear. In fact for higher dimensional beings time is non linear and they can move through it, backwards, forwards at ease. But we can’t. Our ASTRAL bodies however, CAN travel through the 4th dimension (time) in this way.

What you’re probably ALREADY thinking is:

  • This is nonsense, nobody can time travel
  • If astral projectors can time travel, why isn’t everyone in the astral projection Subreddit billionaires after having won the lottery
  • Why isn’t there more attention given to this
  • Why is none of it proven

And I totally get that, I really do. For the longest time, I just read online that it wasn’t proven, had a little think about the concept of it, and labelled it as fake like everyone else.

But something happened:

Over the years, I’d hear more and more about astral projection. I’d hear peoples stories, experiences and advice. I’d learn about the history of ancient civilisations and cultures, all of which claimed to be able to separate from the physical body and explore the astral realm.

So with millions of people claiming to have astral projected throughout history, but no scientific proof to back it up, something was wrong. Why had it not been proven?

And that led me to think about the concept and idea of ‘proof’ and how the scientific world works…

Is there any proof of astral projection?

Well, no. There’s no scientific proof as far as most of us are aware, of astral projection.

There might have been the odd small study or something showing hope but no big study has been conducted showing that astral projection is ‘real’. But think about this:

Lucid dreaming was considered NOT REAL until the 1900s, according to mainstream science. But you can be sure that there have been millions of lucid dreamers throughout history, way before the study was conducted. They still had lucid dreams, even though it hadn’t been ‘proven’ yet.

So my first point is that astral projection hasn’t been proven YET. That doesn’t mean it won’t be proven in the future. My second point is a little more practical and logical.

Who would profit from astral projection being real?

Or I should say, who can AFFORD to conduct a big study on astral projection, right now. And who would do that? Usually studies are mainly done when there’s profit to be had, or when there’s something to sell.

But anyone can learn how to astral project, so why would a company fund a study to prove it? And that’s the first problem. The second problem with the actual studying of astral projection is that it’s operating in realms beyond this physical one.

So when people astral project, it’s very likely that NOTHING can be detected as being ‘different’ using our scientific methods and equipment, just like we’re blissfully unaware of the high pitched noise a dog whistle makes. But it’s still real, even if we’re not aware of it.

So it could also be that we’re not technologically advanced enough to DETECT and monitor the astral body, especially when we don’t even know how it works, or what it’s made of. But again, just because we don’t understand something, that doesn’t mean it’s not real.

I’m sure if you went back in time with a mobile phone, they would be unable to explain how it works, but it’s still real, right? In the same way, we’re just not able to explain or understand how astral projection works, because it’s far more complicated than lucid dreaming

And this led me to think about some situations. For example, if you went back in time NOW to BEFORE lucid dreaming had been proven, and started telling everyone about lucid dreaming, some people would say it’s nonsense, because it’s not been proven.

But YOU would know it’s real, because you’ve either heard about the research proving it, OR you’ve had a lucid dream yourself. And that’s the important thing here, MILLIONS of people claim to have astral projected. Why would they lie?

They have literally nothing to gain by making this up, in the same way that lucid dreamers have nothing to gain by pretending they can lucid dream. So I changed my mindset slowly, and started looking into more stories and research.

My astral experiences

I don’t want to give too much away in this blog post because I’m thinking of making a long video talking about this, but I have had astral projection experiences. And looking back, I KNEW it was different to lucid dreaming but at the time my belief system didn’t let me label it as astral projection.

So I just shrugged it off and labelled the experiences as ‘very weird lucid dreams’ and thought nothing more of it. But they were CLEARLY different to lucid dreams. So different that I had to really think about my definition of what was possible.

But again at the time my mindset was closed. I was in the group of people who maintained that is something wasn’t ‘proven in a study’ then it wasn’t or couldn’t be real. Oh how wrong I was. 

What does it mean if astral travel IS real?

There are some big implications if astral projection is real. Here are the main ones:

  • We have a soul, and it’s separate from the body
  • There is something else there after we die
  • We can separate our astral body from our physical one
  • Our astral body can travel through time and therefore, gain insights and information from the past or future
  • There is far more to this life than we’re aware of in this body

And over the years, my belief in those areas started to change. I started to be more aware that there is life after death, and that this life is far more important than we are told. We’re told to consume and hoard up physical possessions because this is all there is.

After this life, there’s NOTHING. But that’s not true.

I mean, I don’t think it is at least. But that’s where astral projection becomes one of those topics that divides people and confuses everyone. I’d like to share a video I made about this, which actually explains in a bit more detail my opinions on astral projection and whether or not I believe it’s real.

I hope you found this interesting, and I’d love to hear what you think so please go and comment on the video, and give it a like!