Acoustic Sheep Sleep Headphones Review 2023: A Detailed Look


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These wireless headphones are set in a headband made of plush. They work by receiving audio signals from a nearby device and are a perfect tool for helping you listen to your music and soundscapes while being fully relaxed in bed. You can also listen to your podcasts.

During lucid dreaming, your body needs to be partly awake and partly asleep. The acoustic Sheep Sleep Headphones can be an excellent facilitator and will help you reach this state quickly and easily.

These headphones are popular among air travelers, insomniacs, joggers as well as partners of people who snore a lot when sleeping. As is by now apparent, they can be used in sleep therapy as much as in leisure and sports.

Normal earphones come with certain drawbacks especially when using them in bed. For one, it’s very uncomfortable when you need to turn to your side.

The earphones exert pressure in your ear or simply come off.

The piece of equipment on the other side be it a Smartphone or tablet is not safe either. If placed on a shelf or stool, you can easily drop it to the ground during movement.

This can cause serious damage to the screen and internal components rendering it useless.


Setting up these headphones

The process of setting up the Acoustic sheep sleep headbands could never be simpler. Just take out the control attached to the headband and turn it on via the middle button. Wait until it lights red. If you have a blue tooth device in the vicinity, the headband will pair seamlessly.

You no longer have to worry about the charge running out. When the battery is full, the headband can keep playing for a complete 13 hours. Brand new and out of the box, the acoustic sheep sleep headband has a 50% charge allowing you to use it immediately.

How to use the Acoustic Sheep headbands

You need to wear the headbands correctly. For this, the logo should be at the back. This position allows the headphones to sit on your ears comfortably. In case you feel they are not yet in the best position, simply turn the headband until you achieve the right position.

When the headband becomes dirty, you can remove the earphones, clean it then return them again.

One feature that is immediately noticeable with the acoustic sheep sleep headbands is the quality of the sound. It is simply brilliant. The fact that there are no wires that interfere with your comfort makes using the headphones a superb experience.

Are you concerned about the distance that the blue tooth can function? Don’t! The headphones allow you to move around the entire house while listening to your music and audio.  To suit your needs better the acoustic sheep sleep headphones come in different designs.

Some are better suited for joggers. These are more resistant to sweat allowing the user to concentrate on the exercise as they enjoy the music. There are also some for smaller budgets that are wired.

The acoustic sheep sleep headphones are available in 3 main designs. These are:

  • Classic SleepPhones
  • Wireless RunPhones
  • Wireless SleepPhones

The classic variety is washable, and has the benefit of containing parts that are lead free. It also comes at the cheapest price.

The wireless RunPhones can be washed as well but is the most expensive of the three. However, they are also hypoallergenic, contain no lead and as the name suggests, they are wireless.

Wireless SleepPhones are best when you need your music and audio in bed. They are wireless, cleanable and free of lead. When you need meditate the acoustic sheep sleep headphones are a perfect tool for helping you reach that relaxed state.

Features of good headphones

When buying a pair of headphones, there are a few basic features you need to look out for. These guarantee that the equipment you take home serves your purpose. Let’s consider them below:

Sound quality

The quality of sounds is a reflection of the overall quality of the headphone. Cheap headphones simply do not have very great sound. The bass is among the most impressive parts of the output. While it will not feel like the one from huge speakers, a decent amount of bass and clean uninterrupted output should be key.


The most reliable way to determine whether the earphones are comfortable is to put them on. Only then can you judge how they feel when they are worn.

Some of the points to note include whether they exert pressure on the ears. Do they feel hot after extended periods of use? are they too bulky?  The headphones should feel lightweight and comfortable to wear even after long durations.

Long lasting

Headphones, as well as other electronics are not to be thrown around and exposed to hard activity. Due to this reason, you can expect them to last you quite a while.

Good headphones should have a durable construction however. It’s not farfetched to think that they can last many years to come.

Closed vs. open headphones

When you want your ‘me’ time, sealed headphones are the best. This is because they close out any noise helping you to concentrate better and relax.

On the other hand open headphones will allow a certain amount of sound to pass through making them ideal when you are outside. You are more in tune with what’s happening around you.

You can get started by getting a pair of these headphones, and downloading some binaural beat tracks and just trying to lucid dream. It will be much easier using binaural beats through these headphones because they’re comfortable enough to be worn at night.