How I Became A Lucid Dreaming Expert (About HowToLucid)

Here’s a bit more about

I’m Stefan Zugor, the founder of and an internationally recognised lucid dreaming author, coach, educator and researcher.

I’ve dedicated over a decade to lucid dreaming, and my work has helped tens of millions of people. This has been done through books, videos, courses, podcasts, and much more. 


Some brands or names you may have heard online:

  • HowToLucid
  • How to lucid
  • Stefan Z from howtolucid
  • Lucid Dreaming Experience on YouTube
  • ‘The Lucid Dreaming Podcast’

I teach people all around the world through my online content, and focus on techniques and ideas that makes lucid dreaming possible for almost anyone. My focus has led me to actually create my own lucid dreaming technique along with many variations and spins on popular existing techniques.

I’ve been lucky enough to have achieved/worked on the following: 

  • Reached over 10 million lucid dreamers or aspiring lucid dreamers around the world
  • Published a best selling series of lucid dreaming books on both Kindle and Paperback
  • My Youtube channel where I teach lucid dreaming has over 155K subscribers
  • I’ve had articles I’ve written featured in places like Huffington Post, Ennora, the Dream Show, and many more (see below)
  • I created my own lucid dreaming technique called the 90ILD to help beginners
  • Creator of a free lucid dreaming app to help people remember to do reality checks, write their dreams down and learn lucid dreaming
  • Online instructor for one of the top lucid dreaming courses on Udemy
  • Hosted a ‘viral’ ask me anything on Reddit which hit the front page and gained traction for lucid dreaming all around the world
  • Programmed and taught an online lucid dreaming chat bot to help you learn about lucid dreaming!
  • Designed and launched a custom dream journal, just for lucid dreamers called the Lucid Journal

And I truly love being able to do this sort of work.

What Is Lucid Dreaming?

As you probably already know, lucid dreaming is the ability to ‘wake up’ part of your mind within your dreams, WHILE you’re dreaming. This lets you become aware of the fact you’re dreaming, and control or guide the dream.

After I learned to lucid dream myself many years ago, I just wanted everyone to see how amazing lucid dreaming can be. It’s true freedom, and it really does improve the quality of your waking life as well.

I started this site as part of a much larger vision to help raise the worlds vibrations, and help everyone become more conscious and positive. I see lucid dreaming as a great way to start doing that. Has Been Featured On:

Since it’s launch many years ago, the audience for my lucid dreaming work has grown quickly. My videos on YouTube have been watched more than 13 million times, and over 15 million people have read articles on my website.

This site and my work have been featured in many large websites and publications around the world such as: 

  • Lucid Dream Society
  • World of Lucid Dreaming
  • Binaural Beats Meditation
  • Huffington Post
  • BlissCoded Sound
  • Mindplace
  • Ennora
  • The Dream Show 
  • Unexplainable Store
  • New Thinking Allowed
  • And many more

Thousands of people have taken my popular lucid dreaming course, the Bootcamp (see their stories here) and had their first and second and so on lucid dreams. This has allowed me to constantly refine and tweak the BEST ways of getting a beginner to have their first lucid dream, as quickly as possible.  

I’ve been lucky enough to call this my ‘job’ for many years, and my audience on youTube has now exceeded 155K subscribers.

How did I Start Lucid Dreaming?

I started the same way most people do… 

I was interested by reading an article or by hearing about it from a friend. I then started to learn everything I could about it and studied the science of lucidity. As the years went on I found that I knew far more than my peers, and was explaining how it works to people every week.

I began improving my lucid dreaming skill pretty fast, and eventually found that I had almost complete control over the dream. I say ‘almost’ because you can never have complete control over the dream but you can be completely aware of yourself within the dream. I played around with all sorts of ideas and concepts.

What is Lucid Dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is the proven ability to become self aware in your dreams. This means you can experience dreams as if you were awake – You can DECIDE what to do, instead of just having a strange dream and then waking up. You can decide what to do, while you’re actually in the dream.

Not only that, but because the dream is in your mind, you can essentially do ANYTHING.

You don’t have to obey the laws of gravity and other waking life things like that.

You can fly, move cities with your mind and explore alien worlds. It’s really something special. It’s something that, until you have your first lucid dream, you won’t really understand how incredible it is.

Lucid Dreaming Is For EVERYONE!

There is no way around it, everyone sleeps, everyone dreams, and when a person knows how to Lucid Dream, they’ll want to do it every night. There is no reason why anyone wouldn’t want to learn how to lucid dream, because it doesn’t require any extra energy.

You go to sleep anyway, why not make the most of it?

We sleep on average 8-9 hours per night, right?

That adds up to hundreds of thousands of hours in a year, why would you want to just ‘sleep through the fog’? There is so much more you could be doing, and it would unlock doors for you in your real life. You can learn and practice REAL skills, and ACTUALLY improve at them in waking life. 

It’s such an amazing thing and it really can benefit everyone, it can work wonders on your mood, health, mindset, sleep, and you can overcome and control your nightmares. This is one of the reasons this website was put together, I felt so happy and inspired by the feeling that Lucid Dreaming brings that I had to share it with someone. This site will show you how to Lucid Dream.

EVERYONE Should Lucid Dream!

This site is always being updated, and as we learn more about Lucid Dreaming, we’ll put more and more content on here. So far, it’s been a very enjoyable project to be working on. If you need any further help or resources we have actually made a page just for you! Things like sleep aids, dream courses etc are all found on the Lucid Dreaming Resources page.

What is ‘Lucid Dreaming Experience’ On YouTube?

Lucid Dreaming Experience is my youtube channel where I talk about lucid dreaming. I found through my studies and research that MOST people are complete beginners in lucid dreaming.

So I created a channel on YouTube to teach people basic techniques and how to move through the dream properly. This channel snowballed and eventually became one of the top lucid dreaming channels on YouTube. I love sharing my thoughts, experiences and knowledge with people on the channel.

What Is The Lucid Dreaming Podcast?

I created the lucid dreaming podcast to share my thoughts with the world about lucid dreaming. I wasn’t sure at first, whether or not to make a podcast. But what I did for most of the episodes is simply take the audio from my youtube videos and upload that as a podcast episode.

This gives people another way to listen and consume the content, and lots of people really liked this. It means you can listen to lucid dreaming tutorials while you’re at the gym or something like that.

I sometimes release full length episodes and interviews on there as well. 

Want to Learn More?

If you want to learn more about lucid dreaming, here are the most important and useful articles to get started with: 

Beyond that, I created a free, 3 step video training that you can get, which will help you get started. It’s like I’m personally coaching you over email, telling you what to practice on each day. This is the best way to get started for beginners I would say.