About The Lucid Tribe: How The Lucid Dreaming Community Works

What is The Lucid Tribe? 

The Lucid Tribe is a place I created for lucid dreamers. It’s a private and exclusive community platform for lucid dreamers to come together and share their experiences. More than that, it’s a place where I can give you much more direct attention and focus. I can help you directly with your lucid dreaming problems.

What’s wrong with lucid dreaming forums and groups?

Here’s the problem with Subreddits, forums and other lucid dreaming groups.

People get ignored.

There are often just too many people in these groups, and it makes it very hard to sort out the people who are just commenting for the sake of it, and posting random things from the people who REALLY want to learn lucid dreaming.

And often the people posting real, genuine questions get ignored by the bigger community because there’s so much fluff, nonsense and other things going on.

Not to mention the fact that often groups (cough, Subreddits cough) heavily moderate users posts, and often restrict real conversations by labelling ANYTHING linking off the Subreddit as ‘promotion’. 

The other problem, is reach.

Most of the lucid dreaming forums I’ve been using for the last few years have slowly ground to a halt. People just stop posting, stop learning and the community becomes inactive.

How the Lucid Tribe is different

1: Attention and focus

2: Serious lucid dreamers only

3: Guests and authority

4: Bonus content

5: More fun

6: Easier to use with no distractions