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Troubleshooting ‘File Name Too Long’ Error

For some computers, mainly Windows PCs, there is a strange set of errors you might encounter with downloading these files, where the problem is that the ‘file name is too long’. This is a very strange and annoying error, but it’s fixeable. Please first make sure you’ve tried downloading the entire ZIP folder, and NOT the individual tracks. You must download the whole folder first. If that still doesn’t work, this article has a list of options you have to fix the ‘long file name’ error on Windows.

The Shifting Vibrations Megapack

PDF Instructions, Tips, Warnings And FAQs


Please make sure to download this pdf file FIRST, before you try and download or use any of the audio tracks on this page. This contains your instructions, tips, warnings and detailed explanations for how to use this product. This also contains information about the subliminal messages if needed.

8 HOUR Versions – Shifting Vibrations Megapack


You can access THIS page, at any time. Feel free to download the tracks, put them on your phone, laptop, Ipod etc. Please do not share, re upload or re sell these, as it would be an illegal breach of our copyright.

1 HOUR Versions – Shifting Vibrations Megapack


This is easier to download for slower internet connections. You can access THIS page, at any time. Feel free to download the tracks, put them on your phone, laptop, Ipod etc. Please do not share, re upload or re sell these, as it would be an illegal breach of our copyright.



Shifting Vibrations was merged with ‘Spiritual Ascension’ package. Here you can access the entire ‘spiritual ascension’ package of binaural beats. This is the ‘other half’ of the package of audios. Shifting vibrations (above) contains the best tracks, and the subliminal tracks, while spiritual ascension are simply ambient msuic with binaural beats. 

Please email us if you have any problems. Also, read the PDF because that explains how to fix most common problems with downloading and accessing these tracks. Here’s the link to the MAIN folder for downloading all the files, I’ll update things there as needed.

Unannounced Bonus 1: Free Numerology Video Reading (Personalised For You)

I thought you’d find this valuable, so for a limited time you can actually get a free, personalised Numerology reading just for you and your ‘life/soul numbers’. This will help you understand more about your future, past, and purpose here on Earth. Very interesting to know, and I’ve personally used this and found it to be very accurate.

Unannounced Bonus 2: Free Soul Reading Message

Get a free soul reading showing you what could be blocking you from raising your vibrations, ascending and moving along your spiritual path. This is surprisingly accurate and can help you to unblock things you didn’t even know were stopping you!

Other Things

You can view the store here and look at the other products we have for sale there. There are binaural beats, beginners and advanced astral projection guides and more.

Useful TOOLS And Resources For Astral Travel

Brainwave entrainment – A guide to using sound waves to boost your chances of having an OBE naturally. These can cut your learning curve in half very fast.

Reiki and chakra mastery: If you’re interested in learning about the chakras, and how to unlock the energy systems in your body (which will ultimately help you induce more OBES) then this is a great place to start

Numerology: Learn how numbers can dictate and predict your life, personality, future and more. Or click here to get a free numerology report showing you LOTS about your life path and soul urge numbers.

Ennora: powerful binaural beats designed to help you induce OBEs and astral travel FAST

MP3 meditation club: Very well crafted tracks that go on for a long time, and help you induce deep meditative states easily

Zen meditation: Guided meditation program designed to help you reach deep relaxed and spiritual states in a matter of minutes

Astral acoustics: This is the most effective binaural beats provider specifically for astral projection, and their astral projection package REALLY does work fast. That link should give you a discount there as well.

BlissCoded Sound: This isn’t actually binaural beats at all, but it’s meditation audios based on the fibonacci sequence which is said to be the fingerprint of god left through nature. Very excited to share this with you guys, and they have free samples on the site

Mind Machines: Mind machines are special devices that can give you the benefits of an hour of meditation in just ten minutes or less. They’re powerful, and hard to explain. Here’s the best mind machine in my opinion.

Astral travel crystal: The most commonly used crystal for astral projection, from a high quality supplier. They ship almost anywhere in the world.

Incense to help you relax: This incense is specially blended to help you increase the chances to astral projecting. It’s sometimes out of stock though, be warned!

Muse Brain Sensing Headband: An EEG device that normal people can buy finally! Strap this headset on and you can visually see your brainwaves changing on the screen of the app. Exciting and useful for meditation and training your brainwaves.

Red Light Therapy Device: Red Infared light has been shown to have remarkable effects on the body and mind, and it can help raise your vibrations and frequency too. This is the best device I’ve found so far.

Extra Content

In this section, I will add bonus content over time and update it for you.

And remember, if you have any questions about the ebook or course/courses you’ve purchased, you can email me. But please, give it time. For many people, astral projection is a NEW skill and it takes lots of practice and patience to get it right.

Really take the time to read through your ebook/s and understand them. 

Then take the time to really practice the techniques and methods, and be patient enough to see them work.

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