Module 7: Dream Recall

LESSON 19: Dream Recall

Remembering your dreams is arguably more important than lucid dreaming, at least at first. Why? Because if you can’t remember your dreams, how are you going to lucid dream properly?

You’ll need to REALLY work on your dream recall if you want to be successful at lucid dreaming.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say that if you can’t remember AT LEAST 1 dream per night, every morning? You should ignore everything else and focus on dream recall first.

  • Dream recall is a lot to do with effort and intention. By TRYING to remember more dreams, you get better at doing it. But you need to really try and remember them
  • Memory is like any muscle. It’s no good to just wake up and say to yourself ‘Oh, it looks like I can’t remember any dreams this morning’. You should spend at least 5 minutes TRYING to remember them, even if you can’t remember anything the first few weeks you try this
  • Committing to the TIME duration of 5 minutes is important here. It’s too easy to just decide that you can’t remember dreams, and then go about your day
  • Vitamin B6 can help with dream recall, but don’t rely on it too much
  • You must write your dreams down every morning, in as much detail as you possibly can. If you can’t remember anything, just write down ‘no dreams recalled’, but ONLY after you’ve spent 5 minutes trying!
  • When you first wake up, keep your eyes closed, until you can remember something. By opening your eyes first thing, you FLOOD your subconscious mind with up to 11 MILLION bits of information per second
  • Use a ‘dream anchor’. Pick an object that you see in your room, the more unusual the better. Tell yourself ‘When I see this object, I will remember my dreams’
  • Every time you see the object, ACTUALLY try and remember your dreams. Over time, you’ll build a connection between trying to remember dreams, and the object, or your anchor
  • This will train your subconscious mind and make it a ‘hack’ you can use to remember more dreams
  • You can use ‘mind mapping’ to remember more dreams. Get a bit of paper, and start by writing the main event or theme of the dream in the middle.
  • Then draw lines coming off the middle word, and write OTHER words that you’re reminded of. Let’s say the dream is about a snowstorm, you can write other words coming off that saying ‘cold, alone, dark, lost, winter’ etc.
  • These other words can trigger and remind you of parts of the dream that you might not have remembered otherwise. Use this technique to extract more information from the dream memory!
  • When you wake up, try and think about the emotion you’re feeling. Emotions may trigger more parts of the memory, and remind you of what you were just doing, in your dreams


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