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Out of all of my guides, courses and products about lucid dreaming, I’d say this is the most effective. It shows you step by step how to lucid dream, and why it doesn’t work for lots of people.

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Useful Resources

Here are some other things you’ll find useful (Open in new tabs. Some of these links are to our other articles, products or content. Some links are to other websites content/products)

  • Our other lucid dreaming courses/ebooks: There are lots of ebooks, guides, PDFs and courses we’ve created to help you do specific things in a lucid dream, check them out!
  • Our Free Lucid dreaming app: An app I created to help REMIND you to do reality checks, it also has a dream journal, night mode, auto shutoff alarm and more. You can find this on the IOS store, it’s not currently on Android.
  • Claridream PRO: A dream supplement designed to help you have more vivid dreams (that are more likely to be lucid too)
  • Lucid Dream Leaf: A classic lucid dreaming supplement modelled around the red and blue pills from The Matrix. Really cool supplement with some solid ingredients

GO DEEPER: Brainwave Entrainment (Binaural Beats)

Brainwave entrainment is a special type of soundwave/audio that you can listen to, which boosts your chances of becoming lucid in a HUGE way. They can do more too. 

It’s fairly cheap, and you can listen through any stereo headphones. You’ll get results fast by listening to these.

  • Binaural Beats from Ennora: Binaural beats are a VERY fast way of having lucid dreams. You listen to these soundwaves as you go to sleep, and you’ll find yourself drifting into a lucid dream easily! You should be able to get a discount and listen to free samples on their site using that link!
  • Blisscoded Sound: A unique type of meditation music that uses the ‘golden ratio’ found in nature to guide your mind into DEEP trance states very quickly. This is probably one of the biggest breakthroughs in dream technology I’ve ever experienced.
  • Binaural Beats Meditation: A fairly new provider of binaural beats and audio tracks. That being said they’re very effective and I like their meditation packs.


Unannounced Bonus 1: Free Numerology Video Reading (Personalised For You)

I thought you’d find this valuable, so for a limited time you can actually get a free, personalised Numerology reading just for you and your ‘life/soul numbers’. This will help you understand more about your future, past, and purpose here on Earth. Very interesting to know, and I’ve personally used this and found it to be very accurate.

Unannounced Bonus 2: Free Soul Reading Message

Get a free soul reading showing you what could be blocking you from raising your vibrations, ascending and moving along your spiritual path. This is surprisingly accurate and can help you to unblock things you didn’t even know were stopping you!

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