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This course is designed to help you make the most of binaural beats, audio meditations and other brainwave entrainment tracks. There are a lo of free tracks and paid tracks out there, but not much information on how to actually USE them.

This mini course hopefully will help you with that. 

I have been using binaural beats for many years, and summarised my experiences, tips, warnings and techniques into this mini course, to help you get the most out of them! 


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As this is a ‘mini course’, the lessons are laid out all on one page below. If something’s not working, please let me know. 

Below you’ll find the videos of this mini course on binaural beats. You can download the audio using the link above. Underneath each video I’ve written some notes and summaries, to help consolidate what you learn. 

LESSON 1: Introduction To Binaural Beats Mastery

This course will provide you a SOLID background on which to start using binaural beats. This goes PERFECTLY with any good binaural beats package, if you want to get the most out of them

  • Take this at your own pace and make sure to not rush things, panic, or use binaural beats if you’re not ready
  • Check that you don’t have any pre-existing conditions that might make binaural beats a bad choice for you
  • You’ll learn how to use binaural beats to focus better, sleep better, improve your life, boost your brainpower, and heal yourself!
  • As well as watching these videos, you should work through the EBOOK because that’s where I go into more detail!

LESSON 2: How Do Binaural Beats REALLY Work?

  • Binaural beats work by creating a ‘ghost frequency’ in your brain that ENTRAINS your brainwaves to a certain frequency or state.
  • This effect happens ONLY if you listen to binaural beats through STEREO headphones, it will not work otherwise
  • You can expect this ‘frequency following response’ to happen after about 10 minutes or more of listening to the same track. Less then 10 minutes and it won’t really do anything much
  • You need to pick the right track for the right task!

LESSON 3: How To Use Binaural Beats Effectively

  • You should know the EFFECT you want to get, but maybe you’re not sure how to use them
  • There’s no quick fix for things like motivation and getting things DONE
  • It’s about the BIGGER picture, not JUST binaural beats. You should be meditating, sleeping well and eating a good diet
  • Binaural beats are the cherry on the top of the cake, and will massively BOOST things when you’ve already got the foundations solid
  • Think about how you can improve your sleep, meditate more, be more mindful and conscious and vibrate at a higher level
  • Stick with ONE binaural beats track for at least two weeks, before trying to use other tracks or packages of binaural beats

LESSON 4: Warnings About Binaural Beats

  • There are SOME dangers of listening to binaural beats, but they’re not THAT bad
  • Just make sure you’re sleeping with a sensible volume if you’re going to bed listening to binaural beats tracks
  • Don’t RELY on binaural beats to MEDITATE specifically. This will weaken your ability to meditate on your OWN, which is the whole point of meditation. For other things like focus it’s okay to listen to them often
  • If you’re meditating with them, try and split your time in half, and listen half of the time to binaural beats while you meditate, and the other half of the time, you meditate in silence

LESSON 5: Lucid Dreaming With Binaural Beats

  • Lucid dreaming is the ability to control your dreams and KNOW that you’re dreaming WHILE you’re dreaming
  • It feels incredibly vivid and realistic, and usually this experience happens in REM sleep
  • THETA binaural beats are the best ones to use WHILE trying to lucid dream
  • Do reality checks throughout the day and ask yourself ‘am I dreaming?’. As you do this, really doubt your reality and look around to see if anything is strange
  • Do those reality checks about 10-20 times per day, ideally when you see or hear something STRANGE. Meditate first thing in the morning as well
  • Write your dreams down every single morning, in a dream journal. This can be a notebook by your bed, and you should highlight or make note of recurring symbols
  • 3 hours before bed, turn of ALL screens, including your phone, laptop, TV and so on, so that your body can more effectively produce melatonin
  • Set your alarm to go off after about 3-4 hours
  • As you lay down to go to sleep, IMAGINE yourself becoming lucid in your dreams and how it will feel
  • When the alarm goes off, wake up, turn the alarm OFF and then put ON your binaural beats tracks. Ideally listen to THETA, DELTA, or GAMMA brainwaves. Lay down, don’t move and set a strong intention that you’re about to lucid dream
  • You’ll fall asleep fast and your awareness will be transferred powerfully to a lucid dream, and you’ll be held there for long periods of time due to the binaural beats!

LESSON 6: Using Binaural Beats To Focus More

  • FLOW STATE allows you to connect and synchronise the two hemispheres of your brain
  • This allows you to become more creative, focus more for hours at a time, and lose track of time
  • Listen to a track tuned to BETA frequency, and you’re in a room with NO distractions
  • Turn off your phone or flip it over, and make sure NOTHING can make a distracting sound or noise around you
  • Turn on the binaural beats and listen to it with closed eyes for ten minutes WITHOUT doing anything at first
  • Do lots of small tasks that are repetitive at first, to get your brain triggered into the flow state
  • You can then transition from that small task to the BIG important task. The binaural beats you’re listening to will make this EASIER to stay in this BETA state
  • If you need to take a break, DON’T look at your phone! Anything like that or media content will bring your brainwaves back to ALPHA and you’ll find it very hard to get back into flow state!

Course summary

There is a lot more detail in the PDF ebook by the way, but these videos and audio downloads should have give you a pretty big insight into using binaural beats more effectively, and the benefits you can achieve. 

If you want a curated list of the best binaural beats packages, you can find it at the end of the PDF ebook I included in this course (linked at the top of this page).

Good luck, and thanks for watching!


Useful Resources

Here are some other things you’ll find useful (Open in new tabs. Some of these links are to our other articles, products or content. Some links are to other websites content/products)

  • Our other lucid dreaming courses/ebooks: There are lots of ebooks, guides, PDFs and courses we’ve created to help you do specific things in a lucid dream, check them out!
  • Our Free Lucid dreaming app: An app I created to help REMIND you to do reality checks, it also has a dream journal, night mode, auto shutoff alarm and more. You can find this on the IOS store, it’s not currently on Android.
  • Claridream PRO: A dream supplement designed to help you have more vivid dreams (that are more likely to be lucid too)
  • Lucid Dream Leaf: A classic lucid dreaming supplement modelled around the red and blue pills from The Matrix. Really cool supplement with some solid ingredients

GO DEEPER: Brainwave Entrainment (Binaural Beats)

Brainwave entrainment is a special type of soundwave/audio that you can listen to, which boosts your chances of becoming lucid in a HUGE way. They can do more too. 

It’s fairly cheap, and you can listen through any stereo headphones. You’ll get results fast by listening to these.

  • Binaural Beats from Ennora: Binaural beats are a VERY fast way of having lucid dreams. You listen to these soundwaves as you go to sleep, and you’ll find yourself drifting into a lucid dream easily! You should be able to get a discount and listen to free samples on their site using that link!
  • Blisscoded Sound: A unique type of meditation music that uses the ‘golden ratio’ found in nature to guide your mind into DEEP trance states very quickly. This is probably one of the biggest breakthroughs in dream technology I’ve ever experienced.
  • Binaural Beats Meditation: A fairly new provider of binaural beats and audio tracks. That being said they’re very effective and I like their meditation packs.


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