You’ve Entered The Rabbit Hole

You’ve done it.

You’ve clicked the secret button that you’re not meant to click.

You’ve entered the rabbit hole.

Now, this isn’t like a normal blog post, or article. This is different. This is something you only find when you’re truly looking for it. Something you only read when you’re either bored or you just wanted to explore my website. If that’s true, then thank you and welcome. This is the start of a little conversation we’re going to have.

Oh by the way in case you didn’t get that reference, its’ from The Matrix. Great film, if you haven’t seen it, you should totally go and see it. The Matrix explains so much about lucid dreaming and yet it does it in such an easy to watch way. Probably why it’s in my top lucid dreaming films list.

Anyway, I’m waffling now. Let’s get back to the point. The little button that you clicked wasn’t meant to be found. Well, it was but it wasn’t at the same time. It’s down there at the bottom of the page just hiding, so unless you’re really paying attention and looking at the site properly, you wouldn’t have found it.

This is good though because it means that you’re interested. Look here’s the deal. I’m a young man with a passion for lucid dreaming, but I do other things as well. I run a personal development blog (email me if you’re interested in it) and I do skydiving every now and then. I mainly run this website though. I know you’re probably here looking for how to control your dreams, right?

Maybe you’ve stumbled across this site randomly while looking for something related to lucid dreams or you’ve come from my YouTube channel. Whatever the reason, you’re here and I’m here. we’re both here together and that’s great. I hope you’ve gonna be a long term reader of this site, because it’s always changing.

This isn’t like most websites where people chuck them up once and then ignore them. I constantly dream up (see what I did there?) new ways to provide great content on here, new articles, ideas and projects. It’s always going to improve and it’s always going to become better. I’ll always be at the top of the Google search results (I’m a bit of a jedi you see) and I’ll not be fading away any time soon.

I really, really want to help the world to lucid dream, become better and be happier! If I do that even a little bit, and if I even help just a handful of people out there, that’s great! I’m happy with that. If you’d like to learn more about my story, feel free. For now though, you’re probably looking for a way to GET STARTED lucid dreaming, correct?

I’m going to assume you said yes, and in that case, I have two options for you. If you think I’m cool, and you’re a little bit interested in me and this whole howtolucid brand and everything, and you wouldn’t mind investing a few dollars in me and my ebooks, you should totally go here and learn more about my ebook on lucid dreams.

If however, you’ve NOT got a few spare dollars and are essentially here to get free information like a scavenging locust (I’m totally joking, I love you guys and you’re very welcome!) then please go ahead and check out my free guide to having a lucid dream.

The rabbit hole