Take this brand new quiz about sleep paralysis for 2017. See how much you know, share your results with your friends. Some of these answers aren’t actually that easy or obvious, so pay attention, and think it through!

There are of course in classic howtolucid.com style some joke answers, it would be boring otherwise!

Question #1: What IS sleep paralysis?

Question #2: Are you unable to move or speak when experiencing sleep paralysis?

Question #3: Does EVERYONE experience sleep paralysis every night?

Question #4: What is the sleep paralysis demon?

Question #5: What’s the actual REASON we experience sleep paralysis?

Question #6: Is sleep paralysis just a sleep disorder?

Question #7: How can you stop being scared of this thing? (SP)

Question #8: Who experiences sleep paralysis?

Hope you enjoyed that! For some further reading, you might want to check out our guide to the sleep paralysis demon/shadow man or just the general explanation of what SP is. These open in new tabs, then you can click finish and scroll to the top.