We’ve got a special quiz for you today about sleep conditions and sleep disorders.

This is a useful one because you can learn from the answers you got wrong and it’s useful knowledge to have. One in 4 people are affected by some sort of sleep disorder at some point in their lives, so it’s good to know!

Some useful resources for this one (if you want to revise or just learn more about it!) are:

Sleep paralysis and the sleep paralysis demon

How to get better sleep every night

Good luck!

Question #1: What is hypersomnia?

Question #2: Which of these is a type of test to scan for sleep disorders?

Question #3: What is sleep apnea?

Question #4: What is a sleep disorder?

Question #5: Which of these is a condition in which you grind your teeth while sleeping?

Question #6: What can some sleep disorders do?

Question #7: What is another word for sleep disorders?

Question #8: Can animals experience a sleep disorder?

Question #9: What is the fear of falling asleep called?