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You’ve been helping me a lot so thank you a lot. I just wanted to inform you that I enjoy reading your emails because they’re if you helpful.
I know you think your e-mails would’ve annoyed me sent them to me everyday but I need them everyday 🙂 Because you’re a pro!
But at the end, it’s all up to up, Stefan and thanks A LOT FOR CARING about us beginners 🙂

These e-mails have actually helped me a lot ~ my dream recall has improved by so much. But it’s actually having lucid dreams that I’m having issues with, and I’m actually kind of restarting. I’m getting a handle on recall again, because I had a period where I lost that skill, and I’m slowly incorporating reality checks again. But I promise you, it’s working.


Hello 🙂
My name is Rachel. Im from western Canada. I just wanted to let you know that I am very exited to be receiving emails on lucid dreaming from you!
I’ve read a couple of your articles and watched one of your videos and they are definitively quite helpful. Thanks!