Lucid journal and Vividream discount

Lucid Journal and LucidEsc Bundle Special Offer


Get a custom lucid dreaming journal and LucidEsc lucid dreaming supplement together and save money!

Product Description

  • LucidEsc | Ultimate Lucid Dreaming Supplement | Memory + Sleeping Awareness Aid | Huperzine A, Alpha GPC + Choline Bitartrate (30 Vegetarian Capsules – 45-Day Supply)
  • Lucid Journal: For The Dreamers: Learn more about your dreams with our advanced dream diary
  • 30 Vegan/Vegetarian friendly capsules containing: Huperzine A | Alpha GPC | Choline . A time tested formula for dream optimization!
  • Wield yourself on your dreaming journey with our favourite Lucid Dreaming Supplement and a 127-Page Dream Journal