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It’s worth mentioning a few things regarding your use of this site, and how we use your information. It’s boring stuff, so if you want something better to read, check out the main blog.

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There is a small form on this site which enables you to enter your email and receive regular free updates from us, just to clear a few things up about that.. We don’t share your details and email address.

When you sign up to us via RSS feed, Your name, messages that you send us, and your email address are never given to any third party unless required by law. Your details are safe with us.


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Our content

All the content you’ll find here is original and unique. If you wish to share any of it, or want to use some of the ideas shared here, in most cases, feel free as long as you include a link back to How To Lucid so that people can find where the content was first published.

If you want to share our content and post it on a blog which you make money from, or otherwise monetize our content, you will need to provide a small link back to us, in an obvious place so that people can easily see it. Also it would help if you could contact us to let us know! Any questions regarding this policy, please contact us via the Contact Page.

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