Do you play any instruments?

It doesn’t matter if you do, or if you don’t – You can play them in a lucid dream.

You see, your mind is a very complex thing. Throughout your life, you will have seen videos of other people playing instruments, unless you’ve been living in a cave. You may have even seen people in real life playing instruments, either at gigs or in person if you have a friend who’s musical.

Playing instruments in a dream is actually very fun and you can even write songs.

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You can play instruments in a lucid dream very easily. You may have even found yourself playing them in a regular dream as well. Your mind doesn’t need to know how to actually play the instrument, because it can create the sounds just from memory and from things you’ve seen before.

Every video or sound clip you’ve ever heard of people playing the guitar or piano etc is stored up in your brain and you can really use that information in a dream. You can create beautiful sounding songs and instrumentals just by finding a ‘dream instrument’ and starting to play.

How to play an instrument in a dream

To really understand this, you must realise that the whole idea of playing instruments in a lucid dream is that you must ‘believe’ you can play them. If you don’t, you’ll just end up playing a load of random sloppy notes.

So firstly, find an instrument.

You can either do this by ‘willing it to appear’ or by actually looking for one. Whatever instrument you’d like to play, go and find one. Pick it up, and before you try to play, imagine the sounds you’d like to hear.

At this stage, you may have your mind filled with amazing noises, some of which you’ve never heard before. A different type of music, which can only really be understood in the dream world. Okay, so start thinking about the sounds you’d like to create with your instrument.

Now, imagine yourself playing it.

Move your hands/feet (depending on which instrument you have) and imagine the sounds you want to hear coming out. Your brain will do the rest for you.

It’s really quite an amazing experience to have, because specially if you’ve never played an instrument before, or if you’re not very good at it, you can instantly become a master in a dream. This is because your subconscious mind, as we’ve talked about before, can create the sounds from memory and even from imagination.

Practising playing instruments in a dream

If you already play an instrument in real life, you can improve in a dream.

As we’ve covered in another post, you can learn and practice skills in a dream, and the results will transfer to real life.

If you already play an instrument, you may find you’re able to practice your musical skill in a dream, and have it transferred to real life. This is an interesting concept and one which could prove very useful in the future for many different types of people.

One of the most fascinating things about lucid dreams is being able to practice skills in a dream, which therefore ‘changes’ your brain in a way that normally only happens when you physically do the task in question.