Meditation for Lucid Dreaming – Relaxation Techniques

It’s very important to relax when trying to perform a Lucid Dream or an Out of body experience. These things require a great deal of patience, practice and willpower, so learning to control your thoughts and your body is vital.

Meditation and Relaxation techniques

We will go over some basic Relaxation and Meditation techniques here. Relaxing starts with clearing your environment of distractions and obstacles.

This is your first step to relaxing, if you’re trying to Lucid Dream, make sure your bed is comfortable, the right temperature, you have a circulation of air to the room, maybe a door open and a window open a crack, also make sure your curtains block out as much light as possible.

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Turn off all electric devices and make sure your phone is on silent. This is the first step. You can also use aromatherapy such as pillow spray or incense sticks to make it more relaxing. If you’re trying to perform an OBE, make sure you’ve done the same but that you are sitting comfortably in a chair with your back straight. This will align your body and allow energy to flow freely throughout your body while you project. That’s the first step, creating the right environment.

You want to focus your breathing and as you close your eyes, try and ‘look’ through your eyelids at a point about a foot in front of your forehead. This is where your third eye naturally focuses and you’ll need to focus it to stay alert for the OBE. This involves your Pineal gland.

Hear yourself breathing, and breath deeply in and out for about 20 minutes, but focus your thoughts on ‘nothing’ literally don’t think about anything. You might see shapes and colors, this is normal; it’s sometimes known as ‘guided imagery’ and is the brain showing brief imprints of scenes and patterns.

So to sum up, meditation for lucid dreaming is all about creating the right environment, controlling your thoughts and your  breathing, and focusing. There are other things you can do to help you relax. They are as follows;

1. Control your breathing. As mentioned, it’s important to control your breathing and focus your energy.

2. Maintain a regular sleep pattern. This has been talked about before, you need to utilise your pineal gland, and to do this need a regular sleep schedule.

3. Listen to Binaural beats to entrain your brainwaves to focus and relax. There are some links on the sides of this page to binaural beats, they are essentially brain music and will guide your brainwaves into certain states, you can get them for anything but there are tracks specifically for lucid dreaming and deep sleep. Here’s my review of binaural beats by Ennora. Great products.

4. Have aromatherapy in your house. Incense sticks, candles, pillow sprays, anything to stimulate your sense of smell. You can find more on this here.

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