Take our lucid dreaming quiz to find out how much you KNOW about lucid dreaming. The questions are all laid out below, multiple choice. nice and easy so take your time, there’s no time limit for this test.

At the end, you’ll be able to see which questions you got wrong for this test only, for future tests you might not be so lucky!

Question #1: How old do you have to be in order to lucid dream?

Question #2: What does the word ‘lucid’ actually mean?

Question #3: Which one of these is a real lucid dreaming technique?

Question #4: How long does it take to learn, from scratch?

Question #5: What is the WBTB?

Question #6: What stops most people flying in their dreams

Question #7: What’s more important for lucid success?

Question #8: What IS Lucid Dreaming?

Question #9: What is a reality check?

Question #10: What should you write in your dream diary, if you can’t remember any dreams?