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This page is dedicated to helping the press. If you’re a reporter or would like some information about lucid dreaming, me, this website or anything like that, feel free to use any of the information below for your content.

This also applies to people looking for content to use in an article site, a viral news site or anything similar. All we ask is that you include a link back to our website at and credit the content where appropriate. Feel free to use the quotes below and also don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to speak to the owner (Stefan) and arrange an interview. 

Why was this site created?

Stefan – I started this site to help teach the world to control their dreams. Lucid Dreaming is a proven way to become ‘self aware’ in your dreams, allowing you to control them. It means you can do all sorts of interesting things in your sleep, like fly around the dream, teleport and explore your subconscious mind. You can also use it for real life issues, for example to remove nightmares, improve your confidence and practice things like job interviews or other situations. It started as a hobby, and over the course of one or two years I created a couple of ebooks that I sell on the site. These are the beginners lucid dreaming guide and the lucid dreaming superhero manual.

Is Lucid Dreaming easy to learn? 

Stefan – It’s simple but not easy. The skills and things you need to do are easy to learn, but it takes a bit of practice and determination to have your first lucid dream. Some people get lucky and have one the first time they try, others take a bit longer. Once you’ve learned how to do it, you’ll be able to do it for life. 

More information about the Ebook guides we sell

The dreaming ebook guide we sell on the site was created partly out of frustration. I (Stefan) couldn’t find any really accurate guides for learning to lucid dream. The only ones I could find were a little expensive, and I wanted to make something that was available to pretty much everyone. It sells for about $9.99 although sometimes I lower the price to $4.99 or similar. It explains everything someone would NEED to know in order to actually have their first lucid dream. It’s a concise guide in a PDF format so that it can be read on any device.

I wanted to makes something that was easy to understand, accurate and most of all something that worked. It teaches you how to control your dreams, and how to have your first lucid dream. When I first started learning about all of this, I spent a good number of months trying to grasp how it worked and what I needed to actually DO in order to have lucid dreams. This guide is exactly what I would tell myself if I could go back in time and talk to myself. 

As for the lucid superhero guide, that is a more advanced sort of guide. Once you’ve learned the basics of dream control and how to actually ‘wake up’ your mind in a dream, you’ll want something more. This guide is that something more. In the movie The Matrix, when Neo enters the simulation and has that first fight with Morpheus, he learns that the ‘rules’ of the waking world don’t apply. They can be bent, and he can do cool things like slow down time, jump really high and run up walls. 

The superhero guide explains the exact steps you need to take to learn to do all of that. It details various superpowers and how to learn them. For example, here are a few things it teaches you:

  • How to fly
  • How to teleport
  • Advanced dream control
  • Moving objects such as cars and buildings with your mind alone (Telekinesis)
  • And pretty much any there superhuman ability you can imagine such as super speed, strength, walking through walls etc..

Of the two guides, the superhero one was the most fun to create. It’s also the most expensive and sells for about $9.99, a fair price I felt considering the detail included. Also, the things it’s teaching you will potentially change your life. Imagine being able to go to sleep at night and control your dream to such an extent that you can move cities with your mind, fly wherever you want and explore the deep recesses of your subconscious.. Pretty good value for ten dollars, right?


What does the logo mean?

I had a logo designed for the site which was an eye with ‘synapses’ forming the top and bottom of the eye. The eye is commonly used to represent lucid dreaming because it’s the art of ‘waking up’ and opening your eyes, but whilst in the dream state.

I wanted a really cool looking logo which had all of that, but also had a modern look to it, hence the synapses (referencing the power of the human brain) forming the eye. I called the site ‘howtolucid’ because at the time howtoluciddream was already taken. I have grown to like it, because it’s simple and easy to remember. is just easy to type and easy to tell your friends about.