Are you having problems Lucid Dreaming? Can you induce high quality, vivid, and stable dreams that you can control, almost every night? If you can, congratulations!

If not, read on.. Chances are, you may be making one or more of these Lucid Dreaming mistakes. Don’t worry, many people can’t control their dreams due a number of these mistakes, we will show you the most common, and how to fix them.

Common Lucid Dreaming Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. There is always going to be something you’ll miss, or something you’re not doing as well as it could be done. It’s part of life, but if you are really having problems lucid dreaming, then you may be doing one or more of these..

Mistake #1 – Not Doing Reality Checks Enough

Reality checks are very important to Lucid Dreamers, they enable you to know almost beyond a doubt whether you’re dreaming or not. This why it’s so important to make sure you ask yourself ‘Am I Dreaming?’ in order to avoid the common mistake of just trying to push your finger through your hand.

What is meant by this is that it’s not enough to just try and do a reality check several times a day, the check needs to be combined with a definite question that you ask yourself; ‘Am I Dreaming?’.

The answer to this question will come form the result of your reality check, but you can’t just do one without the other. They go together like two sides of the same coin.

How To Fix It!

Practice doing your reality checks, but only do the when you ask yourself the question at the same time. You need to make sure the two things are strongly linked together in your mind so they’re always done together.

A good way to start doing this is to ask your question before and after your reality check, for example; with the Trying to push your finger through your hand technique, do the following..

Focus, stop what you’re doing and ask yourself; ‘Am I Dreaming?’

Look at your hands, and slowly try and push your finger through the palm of your other hand. what does it feel like?

Ask yourself again, ‘Am I Dreaming?’, and you’ll know the answer.

Do it like this every time you do it until the act of asking the question and doing the check become one single thing. Don’t forget to read the basics of Reality Checks.

Mistake #2 – Not Sleeping Right

Sleep is essential for Lucid Dreams. 

If you’re not sleeping right, which means comfortably, and while maintaining a healthy sleep cycle, then the chances are your overall health as well as your dreams will suffer.

Without going too much into detail, the natural sleep cycle relies heavily on light and darkness. The body naturally gets into the rhythm of feeling tried when it gets dark and waking up when the sun rises. It’s more complicated than that, but the basic thing to remember is to get up before 9.

This will solve almost all the problems, if you get up before 9 every day after a few days any bad habits or only feeling tired at 2 in the morning will be corrected and you’ll naturally want to sleep at about 10-11pm.

This is good for dreams for a whole load of reasons, but the thing to remember here is that it will correct your sleep patterns, and you’ll be able to experience more/higher quality Lucid Dreams. It’s also very important to sleep on the right mattress, specifically, a novaform memory foam mattress!

How To Fix It!

Set your alarm for half 8 every day, and after a week or so you’ll have corrected your sleep cycle and you’ll feel more rested in the mornings. You’ll also be able to go to sleep quicker at night, and this will all help you to have better dreams.

Mistake #3 – Over complicating It

Dreams and sleep are different every night. Some nights you won’t be able to go to sleep if there’s a lot on your mind, other nights you’ll pass out and wake up with no memory of any dreams, regardless of what you do to try and induce them.

That being said, it’s nothing to worry about, it’s not a definite science, sometimes it will work, other times not. Don’t get too stressed about it all.

How To Fix It!

Just relax.

It’s not going to be an exact science, and this is likely a common lucid dreaming mistake. People want results instantly and they don’t like to wait for them, but this is a skill, the art of controlling your dreams. It’s not going to happen overnight. Don’t read too much into it, just learn a few basic techniques, write in your dream journal, and keep trying, every night.

Mistake #4 – Not Using The Dream Journal Properly

Following on from the last lucid dreaming mistake, the dream journal needs mentioning here. One of the first things you’ll learn when you search ‘how to lucid dream’ is that you need to be writing your dreams down in some sort of journal, or dream diary. That’s all well and good, but there are certain things you need to remember to do..

A lot of people make the mistake of just scribbling down ‘dream about swimming’ or something else like that. That’s not enough..the dream diary needs to be filled with every thought you have about the dream, or as a memory of the dream.

Common Lucid Dreaming Mistakes

It needs to have certain things in the diary entry or it won’t help you.

The goal of the dream journal after all is to train you to remember as much detail as you can about your dreams, and to help you identify common themes and dreams that keep happening. Writing a vague entry saying ‘dream about walking through town’ it doesn’t help you or anyone.

How To Fix It!

So stick to a few basic ‘rules’ so to speak when writing in your dream journal. Oh by the way, if you want a custom lucid dream journal, we’ve created one for you that looks incredible and has space for you to put things like which reality check you used to become lucid!

Write ‘something’ every morning. Even if you can’t remember a dream, write ‘no dreams recalled’ it’s better than nothing and it trains you to always write in your diary.

Write the date of the night before at the top. This helps you when you look back on your dreams to see when certain dreams started happening etc. the more detail the better.

Write as much detail as you possibly can, if you remember a dream about swimming near an island, write about the temperature, the sounds, the feeling of the water, colors, absolutely everything.

When you’ve completed your morning entry, highlight with a bright color the important parts, such as names places numbers and actions.

Mistake #5 – Not Relaxing/Meditating Properly

Being relaxed is going to help you.

The whole idea of sleeping and dreaming is that you’re so relaxed that you lose consciousness. You can’t do that if there are a million thoughts rushing around your head, so get your head clear of any internal conversations and replaying of the days events and relax. Don’t forget to read our Meditation and Relaxation page.

How To Fix It!

We have a whole page about Relaxation and Meditation, go and give that a read, and then try and put the techniques into action every night, about an hour or so before you go to sleep. Using Binaural Beats is also a great method for this.

Mistake #6 – Rushing It

Everyone loves results.

You want to Lucid Dream tonight, but it’s not going to happen instantly unless you’re very lucky. It takes time and practice, learning what works and how your body responds to certain techniques.

You can only learn it through practice and repetition. It’s the same way you would achieve proficiency in most skills, by doing it again and again until you can do it well.

A common lucid dreaming mistake is to expect to do it the first or second night of even hearing about it. It’s a skill, one which you’ve never used before so to expect to be able to jump right in and do it isn’t realistic.

How To Fix It!

It won’t happen right away, keep trying. It will help to Subscribe to our free content updates as this will provide you regular interesting content to read.

Mistake #7 – Getting Too Excited In The Dream

Lucid Dreams are very exciting, we know.

They are the pinnacle of dreaming, and they allow you to experience things you never dreamed of before (no pun intended), and that’s the problem for most people. You become aware in your dream, and the most common lucid dreaming mistake is to run around shouting ‘this is a dream!’ and waving your arms wildly.

Yes it’s going to be exciting, but if you run around shouting it then it will collapse.

The dream falls apart if you shout out that it’s a dream, also if you get too excited then your heart rate and breathing increase in your real life body, and you are sprung back to the real world, in your boring bed.

How To Fix It!

There is no instant fix for this, the first time you Lucid Dream, it will be so profound that you will wake yourself up with the excitement. It’s something that you just learn to deal with, and you get to a point where you can judge how ‘awake’ you’re becoming. You will learn from experience what classes as ‘too excited’ and how to slow yourself down so you stay in the dream for longer.

A good way to stop waking up from becoming too excited is to use our famous ‘cinema technique’ to stay focused but not get too involved to the point where you wake up. Many people become too excited and just end their lucid dreams early.

Did We Help You?

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