I get it, lucid dreaming can be hard. It can be hard to actually get your reality checks to show up in dreams and to wake up early to do a WBTB. There is a solution which will make things easier!

Want to know what this solution is? …

Herbs that induce lucid dreams.

There are a number of naturally occurring herbs which can massively increase your chances of becoming lucid at night, and there are practically no side effects or reasons to NOT try these lucid herbs!

Disclaimer – By reading this you acknowledge that we’re not health professionals, and before trying any of these lucid dreaming herbs or substances you should do your own thorough research – You take full responsibility for your results trying any of these substances.

When you think of ‘lucid herbs’ thoughts of ‘getting high’ or smoking rolled up dried leaves and tobacco usually come to mind, but for a lot of these herbs you can actually drink them in a tea or even cook them into cookies or soup! Not everyone smokes or is comfortable smoking things like this, and for those people, I’ve got good news! You can take these substances in a variety of ways.

Before you start – It’s important to realize that ANY lucid dreaming aid whether it’s herbs or brainwave entrainment or even a sleep mask requires you to have at least SOME working knowledge of lucidity. You should at least be doing reality checks and writing your dreams down.

This is because there isn’t anything which can absolutely GUARANTEE you’ll have a lucid dream, rather things can give you what’s called ‘dream support’.

This means the things will make it more LIKELY you’ll lucid dream. In order to maximize your chances you should be practicing the basics regularly. Okay enough boring stuff, here’s the list of herbs that will help you lucid dream..

10 herbs that can induce lucid dreams

1 – Calea Zachatechi

This is considered as “Dream Herb” because of its proven efficiency in boosting regular dreams and dream recall. I’ve tried this and can say that it works. This one is on my lucid dreaming supplements list because it seems to work the best out of all the herbs I’ve tried, but you can make your own mind up.

2 – Ginko Biloba

This helps on improving memory and increasing brain function. It’s been found to boost memory and cognitive speed, which both help you to have better dreams.

3 – Datura

This is fragrant flower which are ideal to be placed near the pillow case. I’ve mentioned certain herbs before which are great to use in a ‘dream pillow’, such as lavender. This is a great addition to such a pillow.

4 – Wild Asparagus Root

This also named as “The Flying herb” due to its ability to ‘bring people into the universe while they sleeping’. (Sounds a lot like Astral projection, doesn’t it?).

5 – Valerian Root

This herb allows you to remember your dreams better. It promote deep sleep as well.

6 – Peppermint

This herb supports dream quality and can make the scene more vivid and ‘alive’. It can be used in tincture or tea. Many people drink this in a tea simply because it tastes so nice! (Unlike some herbs on this list which actually taste quite bad in a tea!)

7 – Ubulawu dream herbs

These types of herbs are seen to be helpful in giving people vivid dreams. They are found in Southern Africa. Along with the African herbs, you must also learn about Entada rheedii, African dream root, Harpagophytum Procumbens (Devil’s claw), Mexican Tarragon, Helinus integrifolius, and Uzara.

8 – Mullein

This fights the possibility of having nightmares. Using this herb you can experience more positive dreams, and not have as many nightmares.

9 – Mugwort

This is quite effective on enhancing dreaming effects by adding a sense of vividness and color to the dream. Furthermore, it heightens your consciousness in order to be aware of what is currently happening. When it comes to availability, one will not find difficulty on acquiring this herb.

You can drink Mugwort in a tea or smoke it, but most people prefer to drink it in a tea. For more see our guide to Mugwort for lucid dreams.

10 – Burdock

Burdock seems to be great at helping you to have POSITIVE dreams, and seems to calm the mind down and guide it away from nightmares. If you’re getting a lot of ‘scary’ dreams, this might be a great herb to use!

Try them out!

Try these herbs out, and write down your results in the back of your dream journal. This way you can keep a record of which herbs work best for you, and which ones maybe don’t work so well for you. Make sure to give each one (If you’re going to try them all out) a good try, for at least 1-2 weeks.

If you just try them all at once, you won’t know WHICH herb is actually doing the work and giving you results. Separate your experiments out so you know what works and what doesn’t work so well. Also, you can use some or most of these herbs to make a lucid dreaming pillow!