Lucid Dreaming FAQ!

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This page is a collection of frequently asked questions about lucid dreaming. These are the most common, but don’t worry. If yours isn’t here, feel free to contact me and I may make a video response answering your question! Hopefully this will clear up a LOT for those who are new to lucidity. If you’re ever had a question about learning to lucid dream, it’s probably on this FAQ page.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lucidity

What Is Lucid Dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is the proven ability to become ‘self aware’ in your dreams, allowing you to control them and do almost anything within your mind. It’s a skill that’s been used by a range of people for many, many years.

Is It Scary?

It can be scary, depending on what you’re doing in the dream. As it’s in your mind, the experience is different for everyone, but some things within the dream can be scary, such as sleep paralysis. Some things, such as nightmares or vivid scenes while you’re aware can be a little disturbing, yes. It doesn’t matter though, as with practice you can stop these vivid scenes from happening. The sleep paralysis demon is probably the scariest part of it.

How Fast Can I Learn?

You could learn it tonight if you try, It entirely depends on how fast you can learn the skills needed, but there are certain things that will speed up the process, such as practicing regular Reality checks, or establishing a regular sleep pattern.

Is It Dangerous?

Nope. Lucid dreaming isn’t dangerous. There’s nothing dangerous about it, because you’re just altering your mental state while you’re asleep. You’re not doing anything dangerous, but if you’re still not sure, we have an article to explain.

Is It Easy?

It entirely depends on YOU. Some people find they can lucid dream almost instantly, without any effort at all, while others find it takes weeks and weeks of practice and trial and error. If it’s not something you’ve ever done, or even heard about before then it’s probably not going to be easy, but that’s why we’re here, to help you! It’s much easier when you know what to practice.

You might want to try a couple of really EASY techniques like:

The finger initiated lucid dream or

The Senses initiated lucid dream

Can I Get A Dreaming 'Course'?

There are lots of courses on the subject out there, but a lot of them don’t really know what they’re talking about. There are a lot of ‘personal development gurus’ who seem to have jumped on the bandwagon with Lucid Dreaming and claim they know what they’re talking about.

We think the most EFFECTIVE way of learning lucid dreaming is the 30 day bootcamp course. It’s a printable course that tells you exactly what to practice and do on each day for 30 days. By about 3-4 days you’ll have FORCED yourself to have a lucid dream, if you follow the steps.

What's The Easiest Way To Lucid Dream?
The easiest way is to start recording your dreams every morning, and throughout every day perform reality checks, question your reality and ask ‘Am I dreaming?’. In a few weeks or so you’ll do a Reality check in a dream, and become Lucid.
What are the benefits of lucid dreaming?

There are lots of benefits actually. Removing fear, emotional healing and boosting confidence are just a few, but be sure to check our blog for updates, we’re always exploring new implications and benefits of this amazing skill. For now, read our article about how you can practice skills in a dream.

What Do My Dreams Mean? (Dream Interpretation)

We have a section on Dream interpretation, but for the most part your dreams mean what you understand them to mean. It depends on your personality, and your specific character traits, because although you can read an analysis of dream signs and meaning on the internet, it only means something if you can relate it to yourself..

Can You Get Hurt In A LD?

Of course, but it doesn’t hurt you in physical reality. Pain is in the mind, so if you get bitten by a dog or something like that in a dream, it’s going to ‘feel’ painful, but you won’t get harmed in real life. With practice you can avoid pain in a dream and gain more control. See the dangers of lucidity.

Does It Make You Tired?

Not really, unless you’re doing a certain type of induction like the wake back to bed or the cycle adjustment method. There are techniques which require you to wake up really early (4-5AM) and then go back to sleep. Interrupting your sleep in this way WILL make you tired, and you’ll be sluggish all day. We don’t recommend using techniques such as the WILD, they do work but there are better ways.

How Do Binaural Beats Work?

Binaural beats, or brainwave entrainment work by entraining your brain to a certain ‘type’ of brainwave activity. Two different sounds are played, one in each ear (You need to use headphones) and the difference between these two sounds creates ONE pitch in your brain. Your brain activity is changed by these sounds causing it to act in a certain way, and some binaural beats can make you more likely to have a Lucid Dream.

What Is Sleep Paralysis?

Sleep paralysis is when you become ‘stuck’ to your bed, when your body has gone to sleep and your mind has remained active. In normal sleep, every night, the body shuts down your muscles to prevent you from leaping out of the bed when you fall over in a dream. This happens every night but when you intentionally try and keep your mind awake, you experience the paralysis consciously.

Why Was This Site Created?

It sprung from a love of lucid dreaming. I wanted to share this love with as many people as possible, and that naturally evolved to teaching people through YouTube and email/blog posts. Read more about my story here or just read the dreaming blog. Now, I have my own Ebook ‘5 Steps To Lucid Dreaming‘ and I teach people that way!

Can I Do It Tonight?

There are things you can do that will make it more likely that you’ll experience it tonight, but we’d recommend just learning the basics and starting off the right way, instead of jumping in the deep end and waking up at 4AM in the hopes of rushing it.

What Happens in a Lucid Dream?

Whatever you want! There are hundreds of different things you COULD do, but it’s your choice. Seeing as it’s you exploring your own mind and doing anything you can imagine, it’s just that.. anything YOU can imagine. See where it takes you, but if you’re stuck for ideas as to what to do in a Lucid Dream, we’ve got you covered. I explained what your first lucid dream will feel like.

How Will I Know When I've Had A LD?

This is a good question. The state you enter when controlling your dreams is one of self awareness, you can look at your hands, look around you and be sure that you’re ‘there’ and you’re the one experiencing it, in the same way that when you’re awake you KNOW you’re awake. That being said, in a lucid dream, the level of self awareness is slightly different. You know you’re aware but you don’t have the ability to exercise all of your critical thinking abilities and logic etc…

Is It Real?

Lucid dreaming is very real! It’s been proven by many scientific studies, and there are people all around the world controlling their dreams every night. There are many sites dedicated to this area of interest, and the skill has been used for thousands of years, going right back to when monks used it to ‘transcend’ while meditating.

Can You Get Trapped In A Dream?

This comes up in many lucid dreaming FAQ pages. No. When you experience a vivid dream and things seem to become scary or intense, it can seem like you’re trapped and you can’t escape, but no hair will come to you, and in reality you’re only ‘trapped’ for about 1 minute or less in reality. It seems like longer in the dream, but if you intend to wake up, you will wake up within a minute or so.

You can get ‘trapped’ in real life, in what’s known as Sleep paralysis. This is where you’re unable to move but your mind is aware and awake, so to speak. For more, read our explanation of sleep paralysis.

Is Lucid Dreaming The Same As Astral Projection?

Not really, but it’s similar. They’re the same sort of thing but Astral Projection hasn’t been proven. For all we know it’s just an advanced form of WILD.  Because the practice of Astral Projection is to meditate and then ‘rise out of your body’ it’s possible it could just be a form of Lucid Dreaming. We have still compiled a guide to Astral Projection, because whether it’s real or not, it can teach you how to meditate properly and WILD.

See lucid dreaming vs astral travel for more

Is It Addictive?

It can be, and it’s one of the few side effects of lucid dreams, but not in the same way that a drug would be. You’ll enjoy doing it, and you may start to become middy obsessed with the concept of controlling your dreams after you’ve done it a few times, but after a while it will be like any other part of your life. You can integrate it into a normal life and just use it to be creative and come up with new ideas.

How Do I Stop Lucid Dreaming?

Like any skill really, you either use it or lose it. If you stop writing down your dreams and practicing your reality checks you’ll just stop lucid dreaming. It’s a skill which you need to put constant attention and focus into. See – How to stop lucid dreaming.

What Stage Of Sleep Do Dreams Usually Occur In?

Normally the REM stage of sleep, of ‘Rapid Eye Movement’. This happens towards the end of the night, and so if you’re thinking of using lucid supplements or nootropics, this time is the BEST time to use them. Lucid dreams are much, much more likely in the early stages of the morning.

What Lucid Dreaming Tools/Resources Are There?

There are many resources for learning and advancing your skill, but they’re really only to be used to either kick start your progress or add to your ‘tools’. The most important thing will always be reality checks and writing your dreams down. You could also use Isochronic tones for lucid dreaming.

What's The Future Of Lucid Dreaming?

Well, to be honest, that’s down to society and how people act regarding this topic. If enough people take it on board and share the idea with their friends, the world will be an amazing, happy and inspiring place to be. See – The future of lucid dreaming

Is Shared Dreaming Possible?

Not at the moment, although some people claim they already can. It’s not scientifically proven, but there are stories of people ‘meeting up in dreams’ and there are even small communities of people who claim they can share dreams and refer to themselves as ‘dream walkers’. At the moment we understand that dreams are an entirely subjective and personal experience, they only happen within the mind of the individual. For this question, I would refer you to our post; the future of lucid dreaming.

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How can I fly in a dream?
Funny you should ask. We have a complete guide to mastering superpowers in a dream. It covers things like flying, common mistakes and advanced superpowers and control techniques.

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