Here are some simple ways to have more dreams at night. Not only that, but you’ll learn how to have more positive and uplifting dreams.

Here’s the truth:

Everyone dreams, every night. Lots of people want to know how to have MORE dreams in their sleep. Most people do it WRONG.

They want MORE dreams so that they can have more adventures, or in the case of lucid dreamers, more lucid dreams. It’s perfectly normal to want to dream more, and I’ll explain how you can do this here.

Does everyone dream the same amount?

Well, yes and no. Everyone does dream every night but some people dream more than others and it depends on a few things. The main thing it depends on is your REM sleep. If you have a normal sleep cycle and healthy sleep habits then you should dream roughly the same as another person with the same habits.

If however, you alter your sleep by drinking alcohol (This reduces your REM sleep) or taking drugs etc, then you’ll have less. You can also experience ‘REM rebound’ by drinking alcohol, which would give you more dreams when you have the extra REM sleep later in the night, or the next day.

Also, the main issue is not how much we dream but how much of the dream/s we REMEMBER. This is essentially what will make you think ‘I’m not dreaming much, how can I dream more’.

If you’re not remembering the dreams then you’ll naturally assume you’re not having them.

How to have more dreams

There are a few things you can do to naturally have more intense dreams AND remember them. Don’t feel that you have to practice and try ALL of these things at once, because you can get results from just trying  one or two. If you want to try them all, then by all means, go ahead!

1: Improve your sleep habits and pattern to have more regular, vivid dreams

Do you know how important your sleep pattern really is?

The thing is:

You should try to get about 8-9 hours of sleep per night, and you should ideally go to bed at about 10-11 at night. This means you can wake up more or less when the morning starts and the sun is coming up/starting to light up the world!

Try improving your sleep quality and making sure that you always get a solid 8 hours or more of quality sleep. this will help you remember more dreams, have more dreams, and ultimately feel better!

2: Eat/drink right and exercise so you feel better and dream for longer


Your body is pretty smart.

It knows exactly how to restore itself to a healthy and normal state, and this means having a healthy amount of dreams and REM sleep periods in your night.

To help it do this, simply start eating better, drinking plenty of water in the day and exercising regularly. You’ll be amazed at how fast these basic changes improve your sleep, mood and a whole lot more.

A lovely side effect of all of that is that you’ll start sleeping better, feeling better and having more dreams.

You’ll also be able to remember them better as well, which is like ‘priming’ your mind for lucid dreaming, if you’re interested in learning that.

3: Keep a journal to remember more dreams

By writing your dreams down you massively increase the number of dreams your mind will remember. It trains you to start thinking about your dreams when you first wake up, and in time this means you remember lots more of them.

I’d advise you to start keeping a dream journal, and sticking with it for at least 2 weeks. You’ll notice yourself remembering more dreams in as little as a week. Just the act of writing your dreams down will help you remember more and more.

Useful tools for having more dreams

Lots of people report remembering more dreams when taking a supplement like Vitamin B6. You could try that, or you could try reading my beginners guide to lucid dreaming which includes a section on having more dreams at night!