Astral projection is the ability to separate your astral or spirit body from your physical body, allowing you to explore the astral realm. You’re still connected to your body with a silver cord and can return at any time.

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This is an experience which many people believe is a real thing. Whether or not it’s real is something we’ll discuss in this post, along with the most common and most effective astral travel techniques and methods.

Astral travel for dummies

Astral travel involves becoming self aware beyond what we are used to; to the point where you can separate your astral body from your physical one and explore the other realms. It’s not something beginners will be used to, and it’s certainly not something you can learn overnight.

It can be best described as floating or lifting out of your physical body, and using your astral body. Being able to see yourself laying or sitting there, and from there you can travel to or explore any part of the physical or astral planes as you wish.

Astral travel illustration

It comes down to practice and astral projection technique, and there are several things you can do to make it easier; just as with Lucid Dreaming there are things you can do to learn how to Astral Project.

Astral Projection is sometimes also referred to as an OBE, or an Out of Body Experience. This means the same sort of thing, the experience of being removed from your body and seeing or feeling things outside your physical reach.

Is astral projection or travel real?

Astral Projection is much like Lucid Dreaming, it’s entirely down to what you experience personally. Some people don’t believe Lucid Dreaming is real, some do. It’s all a matter of opinion. So Is Astral Projection real?

Many people lucid dream every night, it’s just a fact, and there are vast numbers of people who claim to be Astral projecting every night as well. These people are often similar to lucid dreamers, just average people who have learned the skill and practice it.

It’s difficult to get any sort of proof about these types of things, although, it’s easier to get proof of lucid dreaming being real than it is to prove that Astral projection is real.

The nature of Astral Travel is that it’s exploring a plain that actually exists in the world, whereas Lucid Dreaming is just controlling a dream in your head.

It’s a huge difference, to go from controlling a dream in your head to exploring and experiencing a real area in the real world while being separate from your physical body. The difference is so large that many people discount Astral Projection and say it’s not real.

There is no proof as such of Astral Projection, and some say it’s just a complex variation of Lucid Dreaming, that it’s all in the subjects head, just like a dream, while others will swear by the fact that it exists, and there are entire communities of people who believe they can do it.

It’s one of those things that you just have to make up your own mind about. The only thing we know for certain is that if you follow the techniques outlined by websites around the world for how to Astral Project, you’ll experience a crazy type of wake induced lucid dream, because the meditation and relaxation used is powerful.

You can then decide for yourself whether you call that experience Astral Travel or just a vivid Lucid Dream. It’s up to you. for the purposes of this page though, the techniques shown will be referred to as ‘How to Astral Project’.

An astral projection technique for beginners

I’ll tell you how to Astral Project tonight, even if you’re a beginner. To start with, find a relaxed environment and sit or lay comfortably. It’s possible to do this either laying down in bed or sitting in an armchair, there are even people who can do it while walking around but this takes a lot of skill.

Step 1: Focus on your breathing

Control it, deep breaths, in and out until you start to feel like your mind is emptying. There should be nothing on your mind except the sound and feeling of your breathing.

This is when you’ll start to feel strange, you might notice your body becoming numb or disconnected. You need to do the relaxed breathing until you get this feeling, it takes longer to begin with. Just sit or lay there, focus on clearing your mind and controlling your breathing.

Now once you’ve done that for about 20 minutes, you’ll experience a heavy wave or a heavy blanket roll over your body, you may even lose the awareness of your physical body. Let this happen and don’t get over excited.

Step 2: The vibrational stage

This is where you start to shift your consciousness into a different vibrational frequency in order to project. This might be new to you, specially if you’ve never done this before.

  • Feel your  body start to vibrate and shimmer.
  • Don’t panic
  • Try and stay focused
  • Let the vibrations pass over you
  • Don’t move
  • Don’t try to think about anything

Now once this has settled in and you’re at the vibration stage, you can start to exercise your willpower. There are several ways of doing this, so it’s down to you to find the way that works best for you.

Step 3: Visualize yourself moving WITHOUT moving

This is where the Astral Projection techniques come into play. You need to lift yourself in your new relaxed state out of your physical body.

Some common methods are to imagine your hand contracting and closing without it actually moving, focus on the feeling until you can almost see/feel your hand move.

Imagine the hand moving up slowly, and try to see and feel this all while keeping your eyes closed and focusing on your breathing. Another way is to imagine a bar or a rope above you as you lay or sit, and visualize your hand reaching out to grab it. Really focus and try to feel the movement, just reach out with your astral body and grab the rope.

When you’ve found a way that works for you, and you’ve really focused on the visual aspect, exercise all your willpower and push/lift out of your body.

Step 4: Rise from your body

You’ll naturally be drawn strongly back to your body the first few times, this is natural and will improve with practice. You can do this as many times as you need to, there’s no limit although some say it’s healthy to maintain a balance between the physical world and the astral.

Rising from your physical body and into astral realm

Now you’re free, you can go anywhere and do what you wish. Maybe try examining an object you’ve never really looked at before, or read the spine of a book on your shelf, then check if it’s right when you return to your body. To return to your body, simply ‘think’ it. That’s all it takes to return.

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Is astral projection dangerous?

The simple answer is no. This is probably because there are many horror films (especially films about sleep paralysis) in which people astral project and get stuck in the astral realm, or demons enter their bodies and trap them in another world. This is not really true.

Astral Projection is a matter of personal experience. Some people can feel that they are trapped, but then, with Lucid Dreaming when you experience sleep paralysis, it’s exactly the same thing, you feel like you can’t move and sometimes even see things that aren’t there.

There is always a ‘silver cord’ attaching you to your physical body, this cannot be broken. Some people claim that Astral Projection is dangerous and there are risks involved. This is not necessarily the case, it’s a skill just like Lucid Dreaming, and there is still much we don’t know about it.

For this reason, only try to Astral Project if you’ve read up about it and know what you’re doing. If you don’t feel comfortable with it, or you don’t fully understand it, then don’t try it. If you think it’s dangerous, or you don’t feel like it’s for you, then don’t try it.

It had to be mentioned on this site as it’s so similar to Lucid Dreaming, and some people who are interested in one thing are quite often interested in the other, they seem to go together nicely.

Learning more about astral projection

To learn more about astral projection you should probably read articles from someone who’s more experienced in it. This blog is focused only on lucid dreaming, (except for this article) so if you want to know more about astral projection you should head over to which is an astral travel guide

Useful tools for astral travel

There are some special types of sound (brainwave entrainment) that directly help you reach the astral plane. These brainwaves are proven to help you either lucid dream, relax more deeply, sleep better and in lots of cases, have an astral projection experience. Here are some of the most common providers:


  • The best course on astral projection: Learn the basics right through to advanced techniques in this astral projection course
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  • Astral acoustics: Last but not least, these binaural beats are designed specifically to help you induce astral projection, these are probably the most effective astral aids on this page.