Christmas is coming, and people are looking for ideas of what to get their friends and family. So what do you get a lucid dreamer for Christmas? There are loads of things, but this is a list of the BEST lucid dreaming Christmas presents I can think of for 2016.

The best Christmas gift list for lucid dreamers

I’ve included a little link next to each one for you to find out more about it and see where you could get it, if you want. These links should open in a new tab so you don’t lose your place! Remember, thoughtful gifts like these mean a lot more to people than just generic ones. Make this year a great Christmas for your lucid dreaming mates.

1: The Lucid Talisman (totem)

This totem is so unique that you’ll probably want to order 300234 of them! It feels so nice and it’s a very good way of getting into lucid dreaming. To find out how to use totems like this, you might want to look at the totem technique before ordering one.

Gift for lucid dreamers totem

2: 100 things to do in a dream

100 things to do in a dream is a complete guide and suggestion list for the most exciting, incredible and unusual things you should try in your next lucid dream. A huge book which can be read on kindle or ordered in paperback, showing you over 100 ideas to try out in a lucid dream that you’ve probably never heard of.

Bonus Ebook

3: Dream inspired melting clock

This melting clock is the perfect gift for a lucid dreamer, and it’s actually inspired by a lucid dream. The artist got the idea during his sleep, and painted the melting clock the morning after. They have now made a physical working version of it!

Melting clock for lucid dreamers

4: Complete whiteboard course

This video course will take you from beginner to advanced dreamer very quickly. It explains everything you need to know about lucidity in an easy to follow format. This will make Christmas in 2016 awesome for any lucid dreaming enthusiast. It’s a lucid dreaming whiteboard course, explaining everything you need to know about it and showing you how to get started with illustrated examples.

Lucid whiteboard course

5: Custom dream journal just for lucid dreamers

This is actually something I had designed. It’s a custom dream journal just for lucid dreamers. It has space for you to write things like which technique you were using at the time to become lucid, and whether you were lucid that night or not. You can look back and see what techniques worked best, and why.

Custom lucid dreaming journal

6: The spinning top from Inception

If you’ve seen the film you’ll know how important this little spinning top really is. It helps the main character work out whether he’s dreaming or not, and who’s dream he’s in. This little spinning top is a great gift for a lucid dreaming friend! Very cheap as well.

Spinning top from Inception

7: LucidEsc by Vividream!

These supplements are AWESOME. They come in a beautifully designed package as well, that feels really nice to hold. We’ve got a review of these coming real soon! Great gift.

Lucid esc supplement by Vividream

8: The Kasina meditation machine

The Kasina device is a powerful and incredible meditation machine which can help you reach deep levels of relaxation. It’s a device that shows you lights and sounds in time which makes you enter different brainwave states. Really has to be experienced to be believed!

Kasina machine review

Make Christmas in 2017 the best!

Hopefully by choosing something like these items, you can make your lucid dreaming mates Christmas the best! Of course, you can also just show this list to YOUR friends if they don’t know what to get YOU for Christmas 2017! It’s an easy list of ideas for them so they can get you what you want.

We also have more dreaming resources, and also a list of things you could do in a lucid dream that might be nice little gifts to share with people.