58 Most Common Dream Symbols And Their Meaning/Interpretation

What do your dreams mean? It is thought that by reading and interpreting your dreams you can discover things about yourself, such as what your brain is trying to tell you, or what you really want in life.

It can also be used to tell you what you’re afraid of and what you truly desire. The meaning of your dreams is really what you interpret it to be, but there are a lot of books and dream meaning guides that claim to know the meaning of certain elements of the dream.

Why dream if you don’t REMEMBER them?

Common dream symbol meanings

The idea is that by certain combinations of elements in a dream we can learn things about the individuals mind and the way they think deep down; therefore the meaning of the dream. Here are the most common 58 dream symbols, and their meanings!

  • Water related dreams can mean you feel overwhelmed or unsupported by your loved ones

Water in a dream

  • Vehicles tend to mean you’re worried about the direction your life is taking and where you’re going
  • Being trapped means you might need a change or a fresh approach to your life. Look for another job or think about going on a small holiday.
  • Teeth falling out is all about your power and usually means you’re feeling subconsciously repressed or controlled. It can mean you really WANT to leave a job, but you’re feeling trapped or like you can’t for some reason.

Teeth dream

  • Babies most times just mean that you want to continue your life and family, and want to share your knowledge with your next of kin. They might also mean you’re holding something back.
  • Animals can usually be linked to survival or the instinct to keep going no matter how difficult things are. It can mean you’re holding things back that you should express
  • Getting chased almost always means you’re just feeling in danger or under pressure. You might need to look at what’s stressing you out most in life.
  • Death means you’re wanting a new beginning, if it’s the death of a loved one.
  • Crosses are naturally linked to religion, and Christianity. They can mean other things in different parts of the world, though.
  • Exams at school are such a common dream that it’s surprising people don’t know what they mean. It’s a reflection of how much you’re stressing out about passing or failing the exam. They can also mean you’re worried about your own personality.
  • Clothing in a dream means something different depending on WHAT the clothing is. If you’re wearing dirty looking clothes it can mean you’re in need of a lifestyle change.
  • Food items is all about knowledge and feeding your brain. It could also be just about the food items themselves, depending on how important food is to you as a person.
  • Demons and monsters tend to mean you’re looking to change aspects of yourself. If you keep seeing YOURSELF as a demon, you need to think about what you don’t like about yourself, and change it!
  • Buildings and houses symbolizes your brain and how you think. Each individual room means a different part of you, your memories, and your emotions.

  • Killing people doesn’t always mean you want to kill the person you see yourself killing. It more commonly means you want to kill that part of YOURSELF that the dream character REPRESENTS.
  • Money in a dream is all about your self worth and how much you think you’re worth as a person
  • Sex tends to mean you have a DESIRE for more sex or better sex with your current partner. It can also mean you’re growing as a person and feeling more in tune with nature and your true self.
  • Falling is a dream symbol that means you’re thinking about letting go of something you’ve been holding onto for a while now. It could also mean that no matter how hard you’ve tried at something, you keep failing at it and you need to let it go.

  • Being naked in public is a very common dream and shows your fear of being embarrassed or ridiculed. It can also mean you’re not showing the world the REAL you because you’re scared.
  • Death in a dream means you’re scared of change. It can also mean you’re feeling vulnerable.
  • Meeting someone famous usually means you’re excited about them and like them as a person. This is often day residue as we see celebs on the TV during the day and therefore will dream about them often.
  • Being cheated on shows a lack of trust or security in your relationship and can mean you’re not confident in yourself.
  • Being late or lost symbolises your lack of faith in your timekeeping abilities and also a lack of faith in your own ability to get things done.
  • Car crash dreams are common and usually mean you’re in a conflict with someone close to you and it needs resolving.
  • Being pregnant (for girls) can either mean you ARE pregnant, or you’re growing as a person and want to develop further. Dream symbols like this are often very simple.

  • Finding an empty room in a dream can mean you’re searching for something that you just can’t seem to find. It could be a new area of your life you want to explore, or a new type of relationship, but you’re searching for something.
  • Your innermost desire this is a very personal dream symbol and is different for everyone, but it’s one of the most commonly dreamed about symbols!
  • Walking or running in place is about your pack of power and strength. Running in place means you’re trying as hard as you can to move forward in life but something or someone is holding you back!
  • Lots of water can mean you’re over your head or in lots of financial trouble. It could also symbolise stress or the feeling of having LOTS of big responsibilities.
  • A film you’ve seen is often day residue and means you’ve been thinking about the film a lot during the day.
  • Paralysis dreams often cause the dreamer to become panicked and stressed in the morning. The meaning is the same as the teeth falling out meaning
  • Snakes can have good and bad meanings, but mostly they depend on the color.This is a complex dream meaning.
  • Spiders often mean you feel like you’re not in control, and you’re being excluded by someone or a group of people from something they’re doing together. It’s common to dream about spiders after you learn you’re being cheated on by a partner.

  • Needing to find a toilet symbolizes your need to express yourself and meet your own personal needs. If you dream about searching frantically for a toilet and then finding one clogged up and horrible, it means you feel like no one is listening to you.
  • Flying is a classic dream symbol and usually means you’re happy, high, uplifted and motivated. Very simple symbol there! (You can also learn how to fly in your dreams in our superpowers guide for lucid dreaming)
  • Fire can be a symbol of freedom or passion. If you dream about being ON fire, it means you’re feeling slightly overwhelmed.
  • Books symbolize the search or desire for knowledge and power in life. Books are thought to represent wisdom, power, knowledge and information.
  • Dogs are often very loyal, so to dream about a violent dog can mean that you’re feeling betrayed or unloved by someone who is/was very close to you
  • Ants often are very annoying when they crawl on your skin and so symbolize someone getting under your skin or being very irritating to you
  • Crying a lot can mean that you’re holding back your emotions in waking life and it’s your minds way of getting them out and expressing them.
  • Seeing a dead relative usually means the dreamer feels some sort of guilt about their dying. It can also mean however, that you just miss the person and want to see them again
  • Ex lover almost always means you miss being in a RELATIONSHIP with someone, and not the actual person, except when it doesn’t.
  • Hiding from something if it’s YOU that’s hiding, means you’re scared of change. If you’re hiding an OBJECT, it can mean you’re worried about someone taking away something you have.
  • Intruders in your home can mean you’re feeling like something is NEW in your life and it’s not a good fit. Maybe it’s a new job you’re not feeling comfortable with, or something your partner said.
  • Jumping really high always leads to flying dreams usually, and means you’d like to escape your current circumstances and be free
  • Horses symbolize speed and freedom and if you’re dreaming about being ON a horse and riding it away, it might mean you want more freedom in your life
  • Kissing someone you know means you might have hidden feelings for them, or that you need to show them your feelings and appreciation when you next see them
  • Being taken means you’re worried about LOSING what you have already achieved in your life.
  • Missing a flight or bus symbolises your need to be organized and if you’re always missing flights in your dreams it means you secretly think you’re always running late and need to be more organised
  • Being in prison in a dream represents your fear of being held back or being STOPPED from doing what you want to do.
  • Quitting your job is one of the more literal dream symbols and just means you’re ready to move on and find something new.
  • Being the queen or King in your dream is a symbol of power and authority and can mean you want more responsibility. Maybe your boss isn’t giving you enough power at work?
  • Drowning or being underwater just means you’re feeling overwhelmed and overburdened.
  • Rollercoasters are typically associated with risk and a journey and so coul mean you’re ready to embark on a risky journey like quitting your job and following your passion
  • Tattoos mean different things depending on what is tattooed. Generally people get something tattooed on them when the THING means a lot to them and they want a reminder of it every day.
  • UFO or aliens if you’re dreaming about being TAKEN by the aliens, can mean you’re scared of losing your home but if you’re just dreaming about aliens talking to you, it can mean you want to try new things and meet new people.

How to interpret your own dreams like a PRO

Dream meanings can be complicated, but it’s 1000 times EASIER when you’re LUCID dreaming. Why? Because in a lucid dream you’re aware of the dream WHILE you’re in it, so you can literally just ask the dream characters themselves what they mean, and they’ll tell you!


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Dream meaning: a basic guide

Dreams are the mind trying to sort out the days (and the rest of your lives’) thoughts and experiences into some sort of order…

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When we are Lucid we can notice things about the way the brain sorts these things out. We can notice tiny changes and details in the way the brain projects certain things. Let’s look at a very basic example.

You’re dreaming about a new job, you see yourself working there and hear people talking in the nearby offices, you see your boss, and next to him is your old friend that you no longer speak to. Now think to yourself, why would your brain project your friend next to your boss at your new job? maybe you miss them and deep down want to show them how well you’re doing now and catch up with them. Or, because you’ve projected them next to your boss maybe you’ve always seen them as dominant or controlling.

Bear in mind however, that dream interpretation is almost entirely subjective. If two people both dreamed about being in a jungle, it would in no way mean the same thing. It is relative the the individuals experiences in life and their thoughts and beliefs.

Generally speaking when people ask the question; ‘what does my dream mean?’ it’s mainly down to them to try and work it out. It’s not something other people can easily tell them. there are dream dictionaries around because certain things in our culture and society have a shared meaning, what we mean by this is that there are generalisations which can be made about certain things.

Most people would consider being chased by some sort of monster as a bad thing, and therefore dream dictionaries can explain this and say that if you’re being chased it shows you’re insecure or worried about losing someone or about change.

But most dreams are more complex than merely being chased. say you have a dream that you’re climbing up a skyscraper. This could mean something like you’re trying to achieve success. Let’s break it down, you’re climbing a building, to get higher up. Most people would associate being higher up as being happier, more accomplished and successful and generally better.

It’s considered a noble pursuit to want to better oneself, to be better, stronger, higher etc, so the dream about climbing the building could mean the individual wants to achieve more, or if they’re an adrenaline junkie, then it could just be a memory of the last time they climbed a building. It really depends on the specific person having the dream.

Most dream meaning you can work out yourself, just think about the symbols in the dream and what they mean to you in waking life, and what feelings or other words they bring to mind and then connect them. Work out what your brain is telling you. You can find out a lot about the way you think and view the world by analyzing your dreams. 

More useful resources

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  • Our lucid dreaming course: Look, lucid dreaming can REALLY help you understand more about your dreams, interact directly with your dream characters and objects, and overcome nightmares
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