Dream induced lucid dreams, or ‘DILDS’ for short are dreams in which someone becomes Lucid randomly and without much planning. They happen as a result of something in the dream triggering their lucidity, and we’ll go over how to induce them and practice this technique more here..

A dream induced lucid dream could mean any of the following are happening:

  • You’ve randomly done a reality check in a dream and it’s worked and made you lucid
  • You’ve tried to read some text in your dream and realized something’s not quite right
  • You’ve seen something in the dream which isn’t quite right
  • You’ve had an echo of a ‘thought’ like an affirmation from a MILD or something you were thinking about before going to sleep
  • You see a dream sign which causes you to ‘know’ you’re dreaming

There are more but hopefully you get the idea. It’s something that happens within a ‘normal’ dream which causes a change in your awareness causing you to become Lucid. It could be thought of as the most ‘natural’ lucid dreaming technique when compared to other extreme ones such as the Wake back to bed or the Supplement induced dreams.

It just involves your mind naturally becoming self aware in the dream, and we think that’s a great way to have and experience lucid dreams. So, we’ve covered what a DILD is, but how exactly would you go about inducing them? Well, unlike the other methods they’re a bit more unpredictable, because we’re relying on something happening in the dream that makes you lucid.

You can’t really plan or predict that, but you can do a few things to help set you on the right path. When you think about it, you can work out what your ‘triggers’ are and work on them in order to increase your chances of becoming lucid.

How to perform the Dream induced lucid dream technique..

So the first thing you can do with this is to believe in yourself and tell yourself that you’re going to have a Lucid Dream. This will help more than anything else and it’s very important to remember. Throughout the day make sure to remind yourself that you’re going to become Lucid tonight. If you need to, print out this article or even just write ‘I’ll become Lucid tonight’ and stick it on your fridge.

Step 1 – Practice reality checks every day

This is something you should be doing all the time anyway so keep doing this, but focus on the reality checks and make sure you’re REALLY testing the reality by doing something that always has DIFFERENT results in a dream compared to in real life. I know this seems like I’m repeating myself as this step is in almost all Lucid Dreaming guides but it IS important.

Step 2 – Work out your dream signs

There are certain things that will appear in your dreams again and again and you need to work out what these things are. Knowing this will allow you to be more alert and tuned in to what’s going on, so that when you see a ‘Dream sign’ you’ll quickly realize you’re dreaming and you’ll become lucid. Start by just writing down and highlighting any dream sign that appears more than 2-3 times over the course of a week.

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Step 3 – Incubate/create your dream

It’s worth noting at this point that these steps are not intended to be followed in order, they’re just things you could do to help a Dream induced lucid dream happen. They can be done all at once, or separately on different nights it’s up to you. So this step is all about creating your dream just how you want it for your DILD.

Think about the type of dream you’d like to have and then focus on imagining what it will be like. Visualize the shapes, colors and sounds as you’re laying there waiting to go to sleep. If you feel yourself drifting off, it doesn’t matter as this could become a WILD, but this can also be done when you’re not trying to fall asleep as well. You can just take a few minutes out of your day at any time and visualize your dream and what it will be like.

This helps because you’re training your mind and telling it what you want to dream about later and more often than not it works. Combine this with recognizing you dream signs and you’ll be well on your way.

Can you learn to do this every night?

Yes. Well, maybe not every single night, no one’s perfect but skilled lucid dreamers are able to do this technique without much effort at all, it’s something that you get better with practice. You can get to a point where almost every day just triggers you’re lucidity naturally and you’re able to control the dream without much effort at all.  It’s certainly a level to work towards and with practice, you’ll get there.