Contact Us: Read This First

Before you email me, please read this page carefully. There are a lot of people who email asking questions that could easily be answered by just reading this page. Please take the time to read through this page.

Questions about lucid dreaming

If you have a question about lucid dreaming regarding how to get started, techniques, problems, sleep paralysis, anything like that, PLEASE read the Lucid Dreaming FAQs first! The vast majority of questions are discussed there. Also, if you are after free coaching, it’s not something I offer.

I have a beginners Ebook teaching the basic techniques, please purchase that and work through it before asking for advice on a specific problem.

Business requests/Advertising etc..

Business requests, regarding using our content for articles, films, documentaries, etc or requests about purchasing advertisement space on this site; make this clear in the first line of the email and the subject by writing ‘Business’ and then a short description of your request. 

If you have an issue with any of the content on this site: Pictures, Articles, Videos that we’ve used, we’ll be more than happy to sort this issue out. Please get in touch with your concerns, and we’ll fix it. Here is the contact address for Business and other requests.. contact AT howtolucid DOT com.

Guest Posting – If you’re interested in writing a guest post please read the guidelines here and remember that we don’t accept every article we get sent, the quality must be good and it must be valuable and really high quality information that isn’t anywhere else.

You want me to make a video for you

If you’d like your question answered in a video, here are some tips:

  • Make sure you let me know if you’d like me to make it anonymous or not.
  • Try and give me a question that hasn’t already been answered on the channel
  • Be patient, if I don’t reply, it either means the question has already been asked, or I’ve put it on my to do list and will make a video about it sometime in the next few weeks or months