We’re going to look at the effects of Choline Bitartrate for lucid dreaming, and how you can use it effectively to double your lucid dream count, and have more vivid dreams. You’ll also get improved dream recall.

This supplement is not very well known in the Lucid Dreaming world, or at least, if it is people don’t seem to know why it works, it’s just a ‘name’ thrown around like dream herbs, dream pills other such references.

As with ANY of our supplement articles and references to these substances, you use them entirely at your own risk, the effects vary from person to person and SOME people can experience adverse reactions to them. Read our disclosure for more, but just know that this is intended for educational purposes and you should consult a doctor/expert before trying any supplements.

What is Choline Bitartrate?

Choline bitartrate is used with B5 to make Acetylcholine in your body naturally. Acetylcholine is the main neurotransmitter active during REM sleep. The result is that you’ll experience a higher level of dream recall and more vivid dreams.

Choline Bitartrate is naturally found in the body in small amounts and is involved with maintaining and supporting mental function. It supports cognitive ability, memory and focus. (Essential for lucid dreaming, right?). The body only produces a small amount and therefore it’s important to get the rest from a healthy diet. Here are some foods that contain small amounts of Choline:

  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Brussel sprouts
  • Dairy products
  • Peanuts
  • Broccoli
  • Meat

So it’s likely that you already consume some amount of Choline. Why am I referencing it only as Choline regarding the food you eat? Because usually it is just ‘Choline’ and then when it’s used as a supplement it’s combined with a salt such as ‘Bitartrate’.

Therefore, Choline Bitartrate refers to just the supplement form, and negates the fact you can actually get it from diet as well.

Nevertheless, it’s great to get it in supplement form as well, as this gives a more powerful does and you’ll experience the effects more. You’ll notice an improvement in mental clarity, memory, focus and cognitive processing abilities. You’ll just ‘think’ better.┬áSo as you can see it clearly would help with Lucid Dreaming, as it would be physically improving the mental functions such as memory and focus/clarity.

Effects and benefits of choline bitartrate

Choline has a number of benefits and effects. The main ones are here:

  • Improved memory and cognitive function
  • Promotes healthy brain activity and improved focus
  • Better memory of dreams (and lucid dreams)
  • Can help with Alzheimers disease
  • Less brain fogginess and haziness
  • Reduce stress and mood swings
  • Strengthens the connection between cell membranes

Choline Bitratrate best dosage

The suggested dosage for Choline Bitartrate (for lucid dreaming at least) is about 650mg, rising up to 2g in the case of some men, but somewhere between those two lies the average recommended dose. Anything above that could be considered dangerous, and shouldn’t be attempted. For best results, we’d say take 800mg daily as well as a healthy diet including Choline as well.

How to use Choline Bitartrate to lucid dream

So it’s obvious that Choline has a positive impact on your dream life and the way you are mentally ‘present’ in a lucid dream. Here’s how you can use it to have deeper and more vivid lucid dreams. Here’s the best way to use choline to have better lucid dreams:

  • Make sure you’re writing your dreams down. In your dream journal, after each night of dreams, write how much choline you took the night before, and what techniques (if any) you used
  • You might find that a smaller dose works better for you than a larger dose, experiment!
  • Try one of the following techniques combined with taking choline either just before bed, or AS you’re doing the technique
  • Remember that it’s always best to experiment with yourself. You might find that it works best when mixed with dream tea or something like vitamin B6. Test test test!

Induction techniques to use choline with

Choline acts upon the body fairly quickly after you ingest it, so you can EITHER take choline just before bed, and then go and use any lucid induction technique, or you can combine it specifically with something like the WBTB and take it in the early hours of the morning.

To induce lucid dreams with choline, you’ll want to make sure you use the following techniques and methods. Firstly, get some choline, and then do one of the following:

Choline WBTB dreams

Because choline stays in your system for a long time, you can combine it with the wake back to bed technique and just keep entering and re entering lucid dreams for up to 3 hours. Because the effects will stay active in you for a good 6 hours or more, you can get lots of lucid dreams out of this one:

  • Set your alarm to go off after 6 hours of your sleep
  • Wake up, turn the alarm off, and then take a choline pill or two
  • Lay back in your bed, and THINK about lucid dreaming
  • Imagine yourself being in a dream and being aware of yourself dreaming
  • Go back to sleep (by not moving any muscles) and tell yourself ‘I will lucid dream’ or ‘I’m dreaming right now’
  • If you find yourself wake up soon after, just go back to bed and try again. You can ‘dream chain’ in this way, because the choline will stay in your system for a fairly long time

MILD with choline

The mnemonic induced lucid dream is a more natural method. You don’t need to wake up at a particular time, you just need to repeat some affirmations as you’re going to sleep at night. Take a couple of choline pills before bed, after doing some light meditation. Then:

  • Lay down in your bed, ready to sleep
  • Tell yourself over and over again: ‘I will lucid dream’ or ‘I am dreaming right now’
  • Repeat it so much that you fall asleep with the idea and sentences bouncing around in your head
  • You’ll naturally have a lucid dream a few times during the night
  • If you want to make sure you are aware of these lucid dreams and remember them, you can set your alarm to go off every 3 hours or so

Where to get it

To get choline in supplement form, you can go a number of ways. Firstly, please make sure you know how to lucid dream before trying this, because like any supplement, it can’t just GIVE you a lucid dream. It can HELP you have a lucid dream.


  • In pill form on Amazon is probably the best way, and the cheapest
  • In a custom made lucid dreaming supplement is probably the most effective way, because it’s mixed with other lucid state inducing substances that will make it more likely
  • In some nootropics designed for lucid dreams, but do your research before taking any nootropic
  • Remember, as with any supplement you should never rely on it alone. Do research, learn lucid dreaming techniques and write your dreams down!