Binaural Beats are a type of sound which stimulates brainwaves.

This can create different effects in people, and noticeably, can help to induce Lucid Dreams.

There are various types of these strange beat, and they each effect brainwaves in slightly different ways. Some can give you increase energy and vitalize you, whereas others can relax and slow down your heart rate etc..

For Lucid Dreaming we want to be relaxed, but at the same time, aware, and we want our brains to be active while our body sleeps.

Binaural beats were created by a German scientist called Heinrich Dove. Binaural beats are excellent for Lucid Dreaming, but they can just as easily be used for Meditation, Inspiration or any other state which would benefit from having a persons brainwaves entrained.

They work in much the same way that a tuning fork works – With a tuning fork, you strike the metal prongs against a hard surface, and they both vibrate, although they vibrate at different frequencies, they merge together to produce one sound in your brain. Binaural beats are two different frequencies played at the same time, in a sort of ‘back and forward’ vibrating fashion. This oscillation of sound creates an effect on the brain which allows it to enter various states – One of which is prime for lucid dreaming.


Binaural beats for Lucid Dreaming


These types of beats are great for controlling your dreams.

As mentioned before, it’s a frequency which is created from two different sounds in your brain. The effect this has on the brain is to slow it down, allowing you to reach deep states of relaxation and meditation. This is perfect for controlling a dream and entering a deep relaxed state.

You’ll find it easier to perform Wake Induced Lucid Dreams as well as other types of induction techniques. As we have talked about before, anything which relaxes you and makes you more calm and aware of yourself is going to be great for lucid dreaming. These beats should only be listened to if you’re sure you want to try it, as they can have adverse effects..


Are binaural beats dangerous?


They can be.

As these types of beats can change your brainwaves, they have been known to cause seizures in people who are susceptible to that kind of thing.

They can also interfere with your heart rate, as they directly influence your breathing and how relaxed you are. People with heart problems or a history of seizures shouldn’t really use them.

If you don’t have a history or heart problems or seizures etc, then you should be fine. Even so, you listen at your own discretion, and should make sure you’re not alone in the house just in case something weird should happen when you listen to them. For more information, the BEST binaural beats can be found here. You could also read my review of Ennora binaural beats.