The Story

Hey, I’m Stefan, the man behind I started this site to teach the world to control their dreams. After I learned to do it myself a few years ago, I just wanted everyone to see how amazing lucid dreaming can be. It’s true freedom, and it really does improve the quality of your waking life as well.

I started and started writing articles showing people how to learn this skill. As time went on, I created a highly effective lucid dreaming course called the bootcamp

How did I start lucid dreaming?

I started the same way most people do. I was interested by reading an article or by hearing about it from a friend. I then started to learn everything I could about it and studied the science of lucidity. As the years went on I found that I knew far more than my peers, and was explaining how it works to people every week.

I began improving my lucid dreaming skill pretty fast, and eventually found that I had almost complete control over the dream. I say ‘almost’ because you can never have complete control over the dream but you can be completely aware of yourself within the dream. I played around with all sorts of ideas and concepts.

What is Lucid Dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is the proven ability to become self aware in your dreams. This means you can experience dreams as if you were awake – You can DECIDE what to do, instead of just having a strange dream and then waking up. You can decide what to do, while you’re actually in the dream.

Not only that, but because the dream is in your mind, you can essentially do ANYTHING.

You don’t have to obey the laws of gravity and other waking life things like that. You can fly, move cities with your mind and explore alien worlds. It’s really something special. It’s something that, until you have your first lucid dream, you won’t really understand how incredible it is.

Lucid dreaming is for EVERYONE!

There is no way around it, everyone sleeps, everyone dreams, and when a person knows how to Lucid Dream, they’ll want to do it every night. There is no reason why anyone wouldn’t want to learn how to lucid dream, because it doesn’t require any extra energy.

You go to sleep anyway, why not make the most of it?

We sleep on average 8-9 hours per night, right? That adds up to hundreds of thousands of hours in a year, why would you want to just ‘sleep through the fog’? There is so much more you could be doing, and it would unlock doors for you in your real life.

It’s such an amazing skill and it really can benefit everyone, it can work wonders on your mood, health, mindset, sleep, and you can overcome and control your nightmares. This is one of the reasons this website was put together, I felt so happy and inspired by the feeling that Lucid Dreaming brings that I had to share it with someone. This site will show you how to Lucid Dream.

Everyone should learn how to lucid dream

The guides we have created for you here are meant to be simple and easy to read. If you don’t understand something, try coming back to it after a few hours and reading it again, it may make more sense with a fresh mind. You can do anything you put your mind to, just stick with it!

This site is always being updated, and as we learn more about Lucid Dreaming, we’ll put more and more content on here. So far, it’s been a very enjoyable project to be working on. If you need any further help or resources we have actually made a page just for you! Things like sleep aids, dream courses etc are all found on the Lucid Dreaming Resources page.

I’ve also made ALL the Ebooks I’ve written about lucid dreaming available in PAPERBACK and KINDLE format. If you’d like to check that out, see the howtolucid author page on Amazon.

I have a YouTube channel where I answer people’s questions.

If you’d like to get to know me a bit better, have a watch of some of my videos here. You can send your own question in for me to answer, but only if you’re subscribed. Click here to see the full channel and latest videos.